Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 76 Arizona

Just a warning...this is gonna be a short one because...well...I got things to do.  But, anyways this week...

The big stuff that happened:

On Wednesday we got Facebook again...not as exciting as I thought it was going to be. I got on and I had 5 wedding reception events. So that was lame...everyone is getting married. 

In Mesa there is this super fun charity thing set up that we can go to twice a week and give service. We pack food that gets sent all over the world. We go fairly often so I guess you could say that we're pros. On Thursday we went to Feed my Starving Children and we beat the national record!! It used to be 80 boxes packed in the 1.5 hour session, we packed 84. It was sweet!

On Saturday, Hna Kiel went to another baptism in Maricopa and so I went back to Tempe! It was really fun. I got to see Brenda and Katie again, I'm gonna miss them so much. I also found a good "treasure" while i was there...I'll send a picture. 

PS We also may have had a Bed bug scare...super not fun. So um...yeah I'm leaving a lot more clothes behind than I was originally planning on and...we're probably gonna have to wash some clothes a little...I don't want the scare to become more than that. 

See you soon!!!
Sister Raynor

PSS wow...that's the last time I'm gonna end a letter like that. 

 Here's the "Good Treasure."

Also...Hna Kiel and I have started a new thing. When people don't answer the door...we take a selfie with the door and send it to them on Facebook. It's been pretty funny 

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