Sunday, December 29, 2013

Arizona Week 4 Merry Christmas!

Dear Family, My mission has been really great, my bike is super awesome but my area is massive so we have to drive to get anywhere.  I hope to get to ride it soon actually.  For my area, my companion and I live in a house with the Jones.  They are the sweetest couple (you will get to meet them on Christmas) and we have a dog, his name is Bob, he looks a lot like Sculley (Nonies old dog).  I'll send pictures soon, Bob just got a haircut so he actually looks just like Sculley, I'll send before and after shots soon. 
     I just started living with the Jones again on Tuesday which has been super awesome, they give us free milk and eggs and veggies from their garden, its awesome. We have this super awesome investigator, her name is Mariah and her son is Daniel. The Hermanas and I taught the first lesson to them and they are just so well prepared, they committed to baptism at the end of our lesson and the Spirit was so strong. It was really meaningful.
     I can't remember if I told you last time, but I do have a big reservation in my area which is pretty cool. 
Funny story, my new companion was a resident in my building when I was an RA, I remember her vividly. To keep it short, I pray for more patience and more love.  I feel like this because I was an RA that she remembers and so she treats me differently.  She has relaxed quite a bit on my training.  Its been a bit rough, she tends to look to me for guidance but she is supposed to be training me.  I am doing all of the driving.  I'm sure I will learn a lot from this experience. I'm still loving my mission and my people.  I'll skype you around 10am on Christmas Day. 
Also, I'm on face book now, super weird, I don't really like it but I'm still working on it - we all have our own Ipads to use on the mission.  Ha, they are protected by BodyGuardz.  (Thanks Uncle Todd!)

Sister Raynor

PS this is a link to a really good mormon message about Christmas, its the one we are showing everyone right now. Its a good one.

Week 9 Philippines

Family po!
At the request of some family members who don’t believe that I am actually learning Tagalog, this is a letter that I wrote to my mission president in Taglish:
Magandang umaga po!
Mahirap ang linggong ito sa paborito ko at most prepared investigator si Sister Catalina left. Pumunta siya sa Manila to be with anak na lalaki niya para sa Pasko.  Sa Thursday, nagtext ako sa kanya ng tungkol sa susunod lesson.  Nagreply siya na hindi babalik siya sa San Felipe dahil sa tatay ng anak ni Catalina convinced her to stay with him sa Manila. Sinabi niya na alam niya na totoo and Simbahan at mahal niya kami pero kailangan niya ang maging karapat dapat sa pamamagitan ng kasal bago babalik siya at magiging baptized siya sa future.  This was a heart break para sa akin dahil si sister Catalina ay unang investigator ko na I began teaching with Lesson 1.  We has helped her sa pamamagitan ng maraming mga pagsubok at problema.  I miss her bawat araw pero alam ko na nalalaman niya na totoo ang Simbahan at she will find a daan to maging myembro.  I am beginning to notice some improvements sa Tagalog ko.  Maramdaman ko na kung wala si Sister Enguito, kaya ko maging okay. Pwede akong magturo lesson 1.  Ang lesson 1 ko ay hindi pa perpekto pero kaya ko iyan.  Hindi perpekto and tagalog ko pero pwede akong magusap with mga tao around me.  As mahal ko and mga tao, nais ko magusap sa mga tao learn Tagalog. Alam ko na as I focus sa work naming, I improve bawat araw.
Sister Raynor

I forgot my camera so I will send pictures of my Christmas next week.  Lets just say that it involved a lot of spaghetti and even more fish.  On Christmas Eve, we went in at 6 to avoid the drunks and made mashed potatoes (we didn’t have a masher and so they were pretty chunky) and carrots and Sister Hart made spaghetti (only we didn’t have sauce and so she tried to make some sauce out of ketchup and sugar—bumusok (fail)) .  We then sat there for two hours making balloon animals out of this weird kit I bought in the palenkey  (market).  Christmas Day, President Querido decided to do surprise interviews.  We also spent a lot of time eating sweet spaghetti with the hot pink hot dogs.  I had balut again.  I also had bloog- porridge, I would not recommend it.  It looks like dirt. We all ended up at Sister Trapsi’s house.  Sister Trapsi is an RM with two RM sons that work with us a lot.  She is nuts but in a good way, I think.  She told us a Taglish story about how on her mission she got up in the middle of the night to “urinate” and saw her companion with some man.  She is hilarious.  She always makes us break rules though, like Christmas morning she just walked straight into our house and would not leave (we are not allowed to let people into our house).  It was great talking to you on skype last week.   Well this is all the time I’ve got.  I love you all.  And I guess I’ll talk to you in 2014.  Pretty nuts.  Its almost been four months. 

Ashley- you should write me back.  I love you all.
Mahal kita.
Sister Raynor

Arizona Week 2 and 3??

Sorry that my letter was not detailed, I tried to get the basics down because there was an insane week. My trainer was sent home, she had some depression issues.  I couldn't write about it last week because she was with us on our P-day.  For the past 2 weeks I have been with my zone's sister training leaders so we have been spending our time between their area and ours. 

Yesterday was our mission conference/Christmas get together. It was super awesome and spiritual. Today we went to the temple as a mission.  President and Sister Toone we're waiting for everyone in the Celestial room and when we arrived, we all got to give them a hug.  It was super sweet.  Today I also got my new trainer, she said that I was one of the RA's in her building...she was kind of different then but we will see how she is now, it's been a year.  
My address for the next while is:  Sister Ashley Raynor
                                                     4616 W. Piedmont Dr. 
                                                     Laveen, AZ 85339

I'm in south Phoenix, it's super pretty and I have the Indian reservation in my area.
I love you all so much.
Sister Raynor

Week 8 Philippines or I've been out over 100 days!

December 25, 2013  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Family!  Hello po!
I am just going to write pretty quick because I get to skype today!
Tagalog- I think it is slowly coming--I guess you'll see for yourself when I skype mamaya.  Its still difficult but I am starting to actually communicate a little.  I definitely am not going to be training next month.  ( That is what President Querido always does- you train after your three months of training.)  But I don't think that I am fluent enough yet.
I love our investigators.  If I get transferred I will be pretty sad.  I LOVE the branch members.  President delaCruz (branch pres) and I are pretty much best friends.  He is super sarcastic and he doesnt speak very much English and I don't speak very much Tagalog so it is always interesting.  We had these two recent converts of the elders give us (the four sisters) a Chrsitmas present- an orange.  It was probably one of the best if not the best gift i have ever received.  Their names are Iverson(9) and Fatima(11).  They are really really poor but they love the gospel so much.  We cried when they gave it to us because oranges are so expensive here-- about 30 pesos (.75cents)  The next day we gave them a huge Toblerone chocolate bar.  They were so happy.  It was really amazing to see.  Then I was able to help them pay tithing for the first time.  It was such an amazing feeling.  They have so much pananampalataya.  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  We are supposed to go into our apartment at 6pm to avoid all of the Christmas Eve drunks.  So we are going to splurge today and buy potatoes to make mashed potatoes and we are going to move our bed pads (we don't use mattresses) into the living room and watch The District(the missionary training videos).  Super exciting. Its going to be a good time.  Then on Christmas we are just going to 5 different members' houses to share a message (eat).  On Christmas, Filipinos eat spaghetti because that is what rich people eat.  The spaghetti here is sweet and it has those hot pink hot dogs (like Africa) in it.  They also put hard boiled eggs chunks on it.  Christmas will definitely be different but I'm excited.  Well I have to go but I love you all.  Merry Christmas. 
I'll talk to you in 30 minutes!! Love you, Sister Raynor

                                 Rach- I thought about you on your birthday.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 7 Philippines

I had balut this week.  Elder Christensen and I did it together.  I took a video but it is too long.  You drink the zygote juice and then you peel and bite, but it is just this yellow yoke and a big black baby bird.  I touched the beak.  But I did it and it tasted like hard boiled egg.  

I got a package of shoes on the 12th.  It was the greatest.  I also got 5 really old dearelders -- also awesome.  
I also have a nice infected blister.  It is swollen and bright green. 

This week was Sister Hart's birthday.  Sister Hart is from Australia.  She lives in my apartment with her trainer.  She is my best friend out here.  She, Elder Christensen and I always hang out.  We are all planning a trip to Australia when we get home.

Favorite quote from this week:  "I like the way you wear your blush."  Said to me by a creepy 60 year old.  Creeper.

I LOVE YOU ALL!  Got to go.  Mahal KITA. Shout out to Rach:: Happy Birth.

Countryside Photos:

Sister Enguito's Birthday

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Arizona Week 1

Dear Family,

     So I think I win for craziest first week of the mission. Katie may have had a hurricane but I have this:  
1) My mission president is literally 7 feet tall, his wife is 5'1".  
2) After a day and a half of training my trainer is going home, super sad, I don't really know much about it but pray for her please... (Sister Gannon)  
3) Since Friday, I have gotten my wish of being a Spanish speaking sister missionary sometime during my mission...  The Sister Training leaders  of  whom I am in a trio with for now, are Hermanas!  

     So this has all been interesting and definitely an adventure, but I'll be reassigned tomorrow or Wednesday so it was fun while it lasted. I've gotten to see just how little Spanish I know.  During lessons, I find that I just say, "me llamo es Hermana Raynor, y yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdad."  
     Sorry my letter is going to be short this week and, we are having mission conference next week so I won't have a p-day to write, but I will be able to skype on Christmas so that will be fun. Oh yeah, Elder Russell M. Nelson was at the MTC for Thanksgiving. Super cool. Love you All.

Sister Raynor

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Arrived in Arizona

There wasn't much of an email this last week and actually I just received a very short note from Ashley by postal service.  She did arrive safe and sound...  I also found it interesting that although we have the opportunity to use the Internet that the missions seem to be stressing writing to your missionary regularly and encouraging them in their proselyting efforts.

The other thing that her mission president wrote which I appreciated was:  

"As we met with Sister Raynor yesterday, we stressed the principles of obedience, hard work and worthiness.  This mission holds great potential for each missionary assigned.  The members are strong and love these great Elders and Sisters.  You can be assured they, and we, will do all possible to watch over your daughter.  It is a very special responsibility we feel toward our missionaries.  We want to see them enjoy a happy and successful mission."

Here is the mission home address and hopefully we will be receiving an exact address for Ashley.  However, since her P-day isn't until Monday, it will be a few more days.  

Arizona Tempe Mission
1871 E. Del Rio Drive
Tempe, AZ  85282

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 6 Philippines

Happy Birthday Thomas!!!

Seth told me once that the hardest part of your mission schedule isn't waking up, its staying awake until 10:30 pm.  Totoo. (So true!)   Roosters and Tricycles outside usually wake me up around 5:30 am - no problem.  But I usually fall asleep at 10 pm at my desk while working on the area book. I measure my productivity for the day based on how early I fall asleep at my desk.

Thursday was thanksgiving.  I didn't realize that it was until 12:30 so we said really quick at lunch what we were grateful for - I said America.  
Friday - Happy Birthday Caroline!!!
It's December now - the nicer houses have a few Christmas decorations.  It doesn't feel like Christmas because it is SO hot.
Sunday - We (the 6 missionaries in the branch) put on a missionary fireside...  We all gave super long talks sa (in) Tagalog.  Yuck.
We are also restructuring the YW's program so that our investigators actually want to go there.
I don't have much time -- I'm really slow at typing today because my index finger got sliced off by a fan blade... not fun - I don't have a finger pad now.  But I love you all.  
Shout out to Ash!! 
Mahal kita.  Katie

Side note: (Thank you Nonie for looking this all up.)   Grandpa Tom was wounded in Mindanao, Philippines on March 13, 1945.  Mindanao is the big southern island along with some smaller islands. The battle for Mindanao began March 10 and didn't end until August (when the war ended). It is a Muslim territory and there is always unrest. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The MTC is waaaaaaaaaaay better than Disneyland! I have been here since the 20th and I still haven't cried. My district is super fun especially the sisters. There are only four of us so we are roommates which is super fun. We live on the main campus and it is super cold - I packed for the heat and didn't think about the cold. I love the missionary discount at the book store, I keep thinking that I should save my money but then I'm like, "when will I ever have this discount again" so I usually just buy something, like new scriptures cool study books, pens, etc. Sunday was the best night ever, we sang a missionary version of as sisters in Zion, and it was super awesome. One of the wives of our branch presidency had all of the words written down so I'll make sure to email that along. The devotional on Sunday was also super awesome, the speaker was an old mission president for the Arizona Tempe Mission and my companion and I pushed and shoved our way to the front and we totally got to talk to him for a bit. So stoked for this week because we have devotional tonight and another on Thursday and so we get to sing a ton (go choir!) My companion is super sweet and really spiritual and much, much more focused than I am. We taught our first TRC yesterday which was super awesome. The lesson went really well except we found out that she is a devout catholic and so we cut our lesson at the apostasy and sang all 3 verses of i am a child of God to fill the rest of our time with her, so for the rest of our P-Day we are going to dive into the apostasy. So the temple is closed which is pretty sad because we can't go today, but at the same time that is 3 extra hours of free/nap time so I'm not heart-broken. so this time next next week I'm going to be in Arizona!! Our roommates are going to the California Ventura Mission and they are leaving the day before us so that is going to be super sad but  just pretend that it is weeks away. 

FOR KATIE:  So stoked for Sister Mary Catherine to try balut, please forward any documentation/ videos of this awesomeness for me. 
Until next week


Week 5 Philippines

So this week was nuts! 
We had my first baptism: Renzlee Regunay.  She is 11 years old and really excited about the gospel.  It was really neat- even though only 4 members showed up and the Branch President called 5 minutes before saying that he wasn’t coming. 
We had follow up training on Friday.  I got to see all of my MTC batch which was fun - a good milestone. I can’t believe that I have been here for more than a month - next week is my first transfer!  We also had companion exchanges. I got to work with my lola (grandmother) we actually all live in the same apartment.  It was so great and fun to be with an American.  I learned so much from her. 
I tried liver this week.  I had no idea what it was except that the texture was so strange.  On the way home they told me that it was liver.  Sister Hart (one of the sisters in the apartment with us - from Australia) tried Balut.  She did so great.  My companion wouldn’t let me try it because I was sick the day before from bad water.  But I almost threw up when I saw it.  I told the ladies selling it that I will try it on Tuesday so I’ll write about that next week.  I don’t have too much time but I love you all so much. 
And happy birthday to Shay, Seth at Caroline.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you Americans that are celebrating!
Love you.  Sister Raynor

A sticker in a tricyle that says pray for us- which is how I feel in anytime of vehicle here.

Me at the mission home.

All of the San Felipe  Branch missionaries.

Elder Christensen and Renzlee(our new convert).

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sister Ashley Raynor is in the MTC

Well, Sister Ashley Raynor entered the MTC today at 2pm.  She did a great job.  Ashley's last few hours consisted of packing up a last few things, manicures with Rachel, and then a quick stop at Guru's to have a plate of sweet potato fries and a bottle of coke.  Good byes were sweet at the MTC and off she went - to serve the Lord.  If you want to write Ashley for the next 12 days while she's at the MTC her full address is:

Sister Ashley Parker Raynor
2011 N 900 E Unit 219
Provo UT 84602

If you want to write to Ashley through, then use the following format:  

Sister Ashley Raynor  Unit 219  AZ-TEM   DEC03

Until then, enjoy these photos:  

 Sweet potato fries and cokes at GURU's in Provo.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 4 Philippines

This week was the first week in the Philippines where I haven’t been super homesick.  Its been a wild week.  We had Zone Conference so we got up at 4 am to take a 2 hour bus ride into Olongapo.  The buses here are like the Indiana Jones Ride at Disneyland—when the big boulder is rolling at you and you just can’t look.  I usually try to count how many people we should have hit but there were just too many  people.  I guess its safe to say that I have gotten over my fear of cars.  Africa doesn’t have anything on the Philippines in that respect.  So at Zone Conference I got to see 3 elders and 1 sister from my MTC district- I didn’t get to see Sister Udall (my kasama) but I will see her at follow up training on Friday.  Its crazy to think that I have been here for almost a month.  We drove home from the conference in the AP’s 8 passenger van-there were 17 of us in there.  Longest two hours ever.  They put 6 of  those small primary chairs in the  back. I also got a letter(testimony) and a dearelder from Mom- it was super duper super exciting. 
On Thursday I had that song that mom used to sing “Today” stuck in my head all day- it was awesome J
Friday, we taught the law of chastity to an unmarried couple.  We were super nervous.  But I think it went well.  By the end of the lesson they were discussing wedding plans so that they can be baptized.  They told me that I could be the witness (because I’m white). 
I also met this white man from the Czech Republic.  He yelled at me in the middle because he said I was trying to change him.  He was pretty scary. 
We also had an appointment with a gambling lord- he organizes all the illegal gambling in San Felipe.  He told us that his son was interested so we went to his house.  While we were there the old man told us that he figured that we could baptize his son so that he could then marry one of us.  His son then walked out and said “I’m single, are you single?” Yep his son was 40 years old and balding.  We left pretty quick.  Our church attendance is up from 110 to 155 people  this week.  We had so many investigators that we had to move to a bigger class.  It was so cool!
Tagalog=I still don’t speak it.
Tacloban- bagyo (storm):  The first presidency sent a text and asked those going home in December and January to go home now (early) to make room for the Tacloban missionaries that cleared their psych evaluations- we are receiving 15 missionaries this week.
Birthday shout outs for November:  Shay-baby:  Happy Birthday!!! YAYYYY!!!     Seth:  HAPPY BIRTH!!!!!  Caroline:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! WOOOHOOO!  Parker:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY…yesterday!!!

I love you all so much!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 3 Philippines

Family and Friends!!
So just a quick one and maybe some pictures.
Monday- We had FHE(Family Home Evening) with a family.  It went super well.  And then they gave us some Tang.  It turns out that the water in the Tang was not filtered.
Tuesday- I got super sick from the above mentioned Tang.  But we still went out to work because that is what misionaries do.
Wednesday- We proselyted.  We put my 72 hour kit together because of the bagyo (big storm) coming.  We are at a members house - fish with eyes, sardines, and, yep you guessed it, more rice.  They also had Tang-I did not partake of any Tang.
Thursday- I taught my first lesson on the beach (see picture below).  I also met an American!  He is from Seattle.  He moved here because he doesn't trust the American government--yep he was nuts...
Friday- The storm hit the Philippines.  They had us all go home for three hours.  It was categorized as a 4 - I dont know what that means besides it was super bad, one of the worst ever.  We got hit with a 1.  So just like blow you over winds.  The first sister misionary from the San Felipe Branch came home on medical leave.  On Sunday we found out that some of the missionaries from her area that she had been serving (where the storm hit) were missing.  Pray for them.
Tagalog:  I don't speak it.  I dont understand it.  People are constantly talking at me-I just smile and nod along.  The other day I was doing my laundry and some lady walked by and just started yelling at me- This happens a lot.
Well I love you all.

So the pictures:                           I'm not sure if I sent this one of the big fat pig...

                                              Typical meal - dried fish and rice.

                                          Juvy and Queenie Rondero - my favorite family.  

                                 Sister missionaries:   Shaina, Jean Rose, Minelle

                                         Rice drying on the street. After they pick it they put it o the street to dry.  
                                             That's why we always have to wash our rice.

                                Crabs from FHE-- yeah I was just sitting there and I kept hearing this noise next to me. 
                                I finally looked over and there were a bunch of crabs.

                            The squished frog on the road... gross but they are everywhere.

                                    For you David!  These goats are everywhere also.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 2 Philippines

To my magandang pamilya-
I love you and miss you.  The work here is starting to progress. 
Monday:  We had a super spiritual lesson.  The only problem was that the man we were teaching was completely wasted.  We didn’t know this until we shook his hand and smelt him.  I also met my first gay philipino.  His name is Jovy he owns a hair salon.  I also found out that Sister Enguito is afraid of gay people…. Luckily he spoke some English.  Apparently he did Tyra Banks and Steven Tyler’s hair in LA last year.
Tuesday: Probably my favorite day.  We got to teach the Rondero Family about families-super receptive. They asked to see a picture of my family—I only had the one from David/Shay's wedding.  Two of the girls (17 and 19) and Sister Enguito all have major crushes on Andy Tygard.  Its really funny Sister Enquito kept trying to ask me questions about him subtly in her broken English. 
Wednesday:  It rained! The rain here is so hard.  It hurts to not have an umbrella.
Thursday and Friday: All Saints Days- everyone was partying in the cemetaries.  
Saturday:  The people in the house next to us play music all the time.  And they were playing ABBA and Steven Tyler.  Also there is always drunk karaoke here all the time.  The other night they were doing a rendition of Chiquitita (ABBA). 
Sunday is the best because we have church and we all get to see the elders.  I got to talk to Elder Christensen which was awesome because he was my DL/ZL in the MTC and he speaks English!  He is as confused as me which makes me feel better.  I also got to see the Rondero Family again.  The mother, Juvy reminds me so much of mom.  She always hugs me and tells me that she love me.  I also got proposed to by another drunk man—this is like a daily occurrence for Sister Enguito and me. 
Mahal kita.  Sister Raynor
ps: mom I decided to pay someone $1 to do my laundry :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ways to Contact Katie

So I have done some research and it turns out that the easiest way to communicate with Katie other than emailing her at:  is through the pouch mail at the  DearElder website.

To accomplish this and get letters to her on a regular basis, you need to go to  From there you select the "Pouch (Free)" option which takes you to a page that looks like this:

Pouch Deadline:

4 days,
4 hours,
1 minutes. 

Letter Selection offers FREE same-day letter delivery to the Provo MTC* (for all letters submitted by 12:00 pm MST Mon-Fri)! FREE mail to all pouch LDS missions and mail to all other missions for just the price of a stamp! Select the LDS mission you wish to write to and click "Instructions" to learn how our system works or click "Write a Missionary" to send a letter. To send a letter to your missionary in the Provo MTC, simply select Provo MTC from the drop-down menu below.


The Pouch Deadline tells you how much time you have to type your letter into the website.  From there - the DearElder website will print your letter out, fold it the correct way, and send it off to Katie all for free.   I tried it last night and it was great.  Thank you DearElder.  Good luck to everyone who wants to write Katie a letter.