Tuesday, November 26, 2013


The MTC is waaaaaaaaaaay better than Disneyland! I have been here since the 20th and I still haven't cried. My district is super fun especially the sisters. There are only four of us so we are roommates which is super fun. We live on the main campus and it is super cold - I packed for the heat and didn't think about the cold. I love the missionary discount at the book store, I keep thinking that I should save my money but then I'm like, "when will I ever have this discount again" so I usually just buy something, like new scriptures cool study books, pens, etc. Sunday was the best night ever, we sang a missionary version of as sisters in Zion, and it was super awesome. One of the wives of our branch presidency had all of the words written down so I'll make sure to email that along. The devotional on Sunday was also super awesome, the speaker was an old mission president for the Arizona Tempe Mission and my companion and I pushed and shoved our way to the front and we totally got to talk to him for a bit. So stoked for this week because we have devotional tonight and another on Thursday and so we get to sing a ton (go choir!) My companion is super sweet and really spiritual and much, much more focused than I am. We taught our first TRC yesterday which was super awesome. The lesson went really well except we found out that she is a devout catholic and so we cut our lesson at the apostasy and sang all 3 verses of i am a child of God to fill the rest of our time with her, so for the rest of our P-Day we are going to dive into the apostasy. So the temple is closed which is pretty sad because we can't go today, but at the same time that is 3 extra hours of free/nap time so I'm not heart-broken. so this time next next week I'm going to be in Arizona!! Our roommates are going to the California Ventura Mission and they are leaving the day before us so that is going to be super sad but  just pretend that it is weeks away. 

FOR KATIE:  So stoked for Sister Mary Catherine to try balut, please forward any documentation/ videos of this awesomeness for me. 
Until next week


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