Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 4 Philippines

This week was the first week in the Philippines where I haven’t been super homesick.  Its been a wild week.  We had Zone Conference so we got up at 4 am to take a 2 hour bus ride into Olongapo.  The buses here are like the Indiana Jones Ride at Disneyland—when the big boulder is rolling at you and you just can’t look.  I usually try to count how many people we should have hit but there were just too many  people.  I guess its safe to say that I have gotten over my fear of cars.  Africa doesn’t have anything on the Philippines in that respect.  So at Zone Conference I got to see 3 elders and 1 sister from my MTC district- I didn’t get to see Sister Udall (my kasama) but I will see her at follow up training on Friday.  Its crazy to think that I have been here for almost a month.  We drove home from the conference in the AP’s 8 passenger van-there were 17 of us in there.  Longest two hours ever.  They put 6 of  those small primary chairs in the  back. I also got a letter(testimony) and a dearelder from Mom- it was super duper super exciting. 
On Thursday I had that song that mom used to sing “Today” stuck in my head all day- it was awesome J
Friday, we taught the law of chastity to an unmarried couple.  We were super nervous.  But I think it went well.  By the end of the lesson they were discussing wedding plans so that they can be baptized.  They told me that I could be the witness (because I’m white). 
I also met this white man from the Czech Republic.  He yelled at me in the middle because he said I was trying to change him.  He was pretty scary. 
We also had an appointment with a gambling lord- he organizes all the illegal gambling in San Felipe.  He told us that his son was interested so we went to his house.  While we were there the old man told us that he figured that we could baptize his son so that he could then marry one of us.  His son then walked out and said “I’m single, are you single?” Yep his son was 40 years old and balding.  We left pretty quick.  Our church attendance is up from 110 to 155 people  this week.  We had so many investigators that we had to move to a bigger class.  It was so cool!
Tagalog=I still don’t speak it.
Tacloban- bagyo (storm):  The first presidency sent a text and asked those going home in December and January to go home now (early) to make room for the Tacloban missionaries that cleared their psych evaluations- we are receiving 15 missionaries this week.
Birthday shout outs for November:  Shay-baby:  Happy Birthday!!! YAYYYY!!!     Seth:  HAPPY BIRTH!!!!!  Caroline:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! WOOOHOOO!  Parker:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY…yesterday!!!

I love you all so much!

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