Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 3 Philippines

Family and Friends!!
So just a quick one and maybe some pictures.
Monday- We had FHE(Family Home Evening) with a family.  It went super well.  And then they gave us some Tang.  It turns out that the water in the Tang was not filtered.
Tuesday- I got super sick from the above mentioned Tang.  But we still went out to work because that is what misionaries do.
Wednesday- We proselyted.  We put my 72 hour kit together because of the bagyo (big storm) coming.  We are at a members house - fish with eyes, sardines, and, yep you guessed it, more rice.  They also had Tang-I did not partake of any Tang.
Thursday- I taught my first lesson on the beach (see picture below).  I also met an American!  He is from Seattle.  He moved here because he doesn't trust the American government--yep he was nuts...
Friday- The storm hit the Philippines.  They had us all go home for three hours.  It was categorized as a 4 - I dont know what that means besides it was super bad, one of the worst ever.  We got hit with a 1.  So just like blow you over winds.  The first sister misionary from the San Felipe Branch came home on medical leave.  On Sunday we found out that some of the missionaries from her area that she had been serving (where the storm hit) were missing.  Pray for them.
Tagalog:  I don't speak it.  I dont understand it.  People are constantly talking at me-I just smile and nod along.  The other day I was doing my laundry and some lady walked by and just started yelling at me- This happens a lot.
Well I love you all.

So the pictures:                           I'm not sure if I sent this one of the big fat pig...

                                              Typical meal - dried fish and rice.

                                          Juvy and Queenie Rondero - my favorite family.  

                                 Sister missionaries:   Shaina, Jean Rose, Minelle

                                         Rice drying on the street. After they pick it they put it o the street to dry.  
                                             That's why we always have to wash our rice.

                                Crabs from FHE-- yeah I was just sitting there and I kept hearing this noise next to me. 
                                I finally looked over and there were a bunch of crabs.

                            The squished frog on the road... gross but they are everywhere.

                                    For you David!  These goats are everywhere also.

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