Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week 2 Philippines

To my magandang pamilya-
I love you and miss you.  The work here is starting to progress. 
Monday:  We had a super spiritual lesson.  The only problem was that the man we were teaching was completely wasted.  We didn’t know this until we shook his hand and smelt him.  I also met my first gay philipino.  His name is Jovy he owns a hair salon.  I also found out that Sister Enguito is afraid of gay people…. Luckily he spoke some English.  Apparently he did Tyra Banks and Steven Tyler’s hair in LA last year.
Tuesday: Probably my favorite day.  We got to teach the Rondero Family about families-super receptive. They asked to see a picture of my family—I only had the one from David/Shay's wedding.  Two of the girls (17 and 19) and Sister Enguito all have major crushes on Andy Tygard.  Its really funny Sister Enquito kept trying to ask me questions about him subtly in her broken English. 
Wednesday:  It rained! The rain here is so hard.  It hurts to not have an umbrella.
Thursday and Friday: All Saints Days- everyone was partying in the cemetaries.  
Saturday:  The people in the house next to us play music all the time.  And they were playing ABBA and Steven Tyler.  Also there is always drunk karaoke here all the time.  The other night they were doing a rendition of Chiquitita (ABBA). 
Sunday is the best because we have church and we all get to see the elders.  I got to talk to Elder Christensen which was awesome because he was my DL/ZL in the MTC and he speaks English!  He is as confused as me which makes me feel better.  I also got to see the Rondero Family again.  The mother, Juvy reminds me so much of mom.  She always hugs me and tells me that she love me.  I also got proposed to by another drunk man—this is like a daily occurrence for Sister Enguito and me. 
Mahal kita.  Sister Raynor
ps: mom I decided to pay someone $1 to do my laundry :)

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