Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ways to Contact Katie

So I have done some research and it turns out that the easiest way to communicate with Katie other than emailing her at:  is through the pouch mail at the  DearElder website.

To accomplish this and get letters to her on a regular basis, you need to go to  From there you select the "Pouch (Free)" option which takes you to a page that looks like this:

Pouch Deadline:

4 days,
4 hours,
1 minutes. 

Letter Selection offers FREE same-day letter delivery to the Provo MTC* (for all letters submitted by 12:00 pm MST Mon-Fri)! FREE mail to all pouch LDS missions and mail to all other missions for just the price of a stamp! Select the LDS mission you wish to write to and click "Instructions" to learn how our system works or click "Write a Missionary" to send a letter. To send a letter to your missionary in the Provo MTC, simply select Provo MTC from the drop-down menu below.


The Pouch Deadline tells you how much time you have to type your letter into the website.  From there - the DearElder website will print your letter out, fold it the correct way, and send it off to Katie all for free.   I tried it last night and it was great.  Thank you DearElder.  Good luck to everyone who wants to write Katie a letter.

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