Friday, October 4, 2013

Magandang hapon!: MTC Week 4

Wow!  It is week 4!! It's crazy--one week from tomorrow we get our flight plans!  This week has been a blast.  I've had so much fun but it feels like it will never end.  All the days kind of blur together.  My camera needs a card reader and so I can't send pictures until Mom sends me one.  So we had some pretty funny things happen this week' I´m not sure if all of you will think they are as funny as we did:  So we have this Elder in our district named Elder Larron.  He is from the Marshall Islands and speaks little english.  He is a character.  He is always talking about how he used to get into knife fights in Marshall and how he is going to beat people up--he's just joking (we think).  So the night before we all moved, the Elders from my district were in bed at about 10:45 and there were some other Elders out in the hall being really loud.  So Elder Larron storms out into the hall and says :  "Elders.  I say unto you, this night I will kill one Elder.  Goodnight."  Luckily none of the other Elders in the hall could understand his broken english.  So last week, we had three new districts join our zone and some of the Elders are sharing a room with our elders.  At one point, Elder Larron "jokingly" said that he could stab them through the bunk bed (he is on the bottom bunk and another elder is on the top).  Then yesterday, we were walking to TALL (Technology assisted language learning) and a knife from the cafeteria randomly falls out of his pocket.  We died laughing.  It was so funny.  We still aren't sure what his plan with that knife was. Lets just say he had to have a major talk with the branch President. 
One other funny thing that happened this week.  We have a Sister who is obsessed with Halloween and so she requested that our teacher brought orange and black expo markers.  The next day he didn't bring them and when she asked why this is how he responded(in a super rushed voice):  "I was running late and then I sat in my car and then I realized that I forgot them and so I got up but then I ripped my pants so I just sat back down and drove to school".  Sure enough he turned aroung and there was the biggest rip down the back seam of his pants.  It was so hilarious, 
Sister udall and I have been teaching a new investigator this week.  His name is Ronald.  We love him.  By the third lesson, he was asking us about baptism and then today we set a "date".  
Tagalog is so hard.  I get really excited when I speak english because I can express myself.  It turns out that the reason I talk so much is because I'm really good at speaking English.  We always get stopped while walking around bacause everyone is always saying hi to each other.  Our conversations usually go like this:  
                  others: "Hola Sisters"
                    us:  "Kumusta"
                    others:  "bien. Y tu?"
                     us:  "Mabuting Mabuti"
   This is usually followed by a very confused look from a very confused spanish speaker.  Sometimes I really like that there are similarities between spanish and tagalog but it gets super confusing.  Speaking of which, I can FINALLY say The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints without breathing-like a real Filipino: Ang Simbahan ni Jesucristo ng mga Banal sa mga Huling Araw,  Say that five times fast.  Nevermind, I can't even do that.  

I love the MTC but I am definitely ready to not be here anymore.  But I know I have SO much more to learn before going to the Philippines.  I hope all of you are doing well.  Mahal Kita.

Sister Raynor

PS  My guro (teacher) had a talk with us today about the bathroom situation in the Philippines--he taught us the difference between your right and left hands- you shake with the right and wipe with the left---he explained all of this while he was squatting, showing us the proper angles of a good squat...

Sister Udall and I

The District

On the way to the conference center

Sister Beckham---'the current rachel to my kathy.

All of our names translated to Taglish  mine is Ssiter UIan(rain)O(or)   UlanO
I thought i'd just throw in some screen shots from the relief society broadcast

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