Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 1 Philippines

Hey everyone, I'm only going to do one letter this week.  The internet
is super slow and I only have 30 mins for family.  SO, I am going to
write as much as I can in the next 5 minutes.  The Philippines is
crazy.  Its like downtown Lusaka but crazier because there aren't road
laws and there are animals everywhere.  I tried dried fish last night.
It was pretty good...  My Branch Pres, President delaCrauz told me that
he would give me balut next week--we'll see. They speak a different 
Tagalog than they taught me in the MTC. I have no idea what anyone
is saying.  My companion doesn't speak much English at all. The first
night there were bugs all over the beds so we walked a mile to another
companionships house and slept on the floor.  The ugly croc-flats are
awesome-everyone has them but I might need some more eventually.  It
is so green here-like Oregon but greener.  Elder Christensen (My MTC
DL and ZL) is in the same branch as me.  It is awesome.  We get super
excited whenever we see each other.  (Probably because our companions
don't speak English).  Also, people pee EVERYWHERE.  Its nasty.
Packages:  They need to be USPS.  They CANNOT be any other carrier or
they will cost me $200 when they are received.  So US Postal Service
only.  Send to mission home.  Put pictures of Christ on them.  Don't
mark that there is anything in there that would have to go through
customs or I will have to pay a lot of money.
I tried that weird oink meat that they had in Zambia-strange.  Mom,
where should we be in the Book of Mormon?

My flight was super long.  A man had a heart attack in the seat behind
me on the way to Japan.  Pretty scary.  I love you all.  I will try to
upload pictures, I don't know if they will work.  
Mahal kita.
Sister Raynor.

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