Sunday, October 20, 2013

Magandang umaga: Week 6

Kamusta pamilya ko!!
This is my last email from the MTC!  Hallelujah.  I am so excited to be flying to the Philippines on Monday morning.  I can't wait.  Today, we are spending the day trying to do laundry and pack.  Things are so hectic.  But we are going to the temple later so I'm sure that the calm spirit there will help soothe our anxiety :)  
So this week was pinakamabuti-the best.  
On Tuesday, we moved back up to the Main MTC campus.  So that totals our moves to 3 times.  But I'm glad that I was able to experience both campuses.  I wouldn't be surprised if Ash ended up down at Raintree/Wyview--the latest rumor is that all the English speaking Missionaries are being sent down to West campus.  I don't think that either of the campuses are better than the other.  Raintree is super pretty- there is a huge pond in the middle of the complex and tons of trees and grass.  Main campus has more--the temple, more missionary-friendly services.  Overall I had a great experience in both places.  

On Wednesday, we had our weekly devotional.  ELDER OAKS CAME---IT WAS SOOO COOL!  He walked in and everybody stood up and got quiet so fast.  It was amazing.  It was a worldwide MTC broadcast filmed here in Provo.  Very neat.  He talked a lot about missionary work-go figure.  

On Thursday, we had our last class with one of our teachers.  It was kind of sad but it just means that we are getting closer to leaving.  

On Friday, we had In-Field Orientation.  So cool.  They taught us a lot about working with Ward Members, planning, and just being missionaries.  There was actually this French RM who looked just like Andy Tygard.  I thought it was him for a second but it wasn't, because he is French.  I'm not sure if Ash is watching the district but if she is- I met Elder Christiansen from the District because he works here at the MTC-he is like a celebrity at the MTC.  

Also, our flight plans have changed-I think I already told Mom about this- so I go from SLC to Detroit to Japan to Manila.  
Also, my address for the Philippines:  
Sister Kate Raynor
philippines olongapo missions
km.140 National Highway
Mangan-VACA Subic
2209 Zambales
Well, next time I email I will be in the Philippines.  I love you all.  I think my PDAY will be on Mondays.  Mahal Kita.

Nagmamahal, Sister Katie Raynor

Sisters Raynor and Udall

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