Sunday, October 13, 2013

Magandang hapon! Week 5!

Magandang hapon and pamilya ko!
Its almost over!!  We got our flight plans on Friday.  So we are leaving one week from Monday (October 21)  at 3:30 AM to catch a 7:30am flight to Detroit and then we have a layover from 1pm to 3:40 (detroit time) so, I'll be calling you then Mom.  From detroit, we fly from Detroit to Manila.  We get to Manila at 10:55 Local time. So I don't know how long that flight is, I just know that it is long.  Tagalog is hard but it is getting there.  I learn more everyday. I don't have very long to write and so I'm just going to send some pictures.  Love you all.  Alam ko po na totoo and Simbahan ni Jesucriso. Mahal kita. 

Sister Raynor.

Our Zone Leaders

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