Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week 6 Philippines

Happy Birthday Thomas!!!

Seth told me once that the hardest part of your mission schedule isn't waking up, its staying awake until 10:30 pm.  Totoo. (So true!)   Roosters and Tricycles outside usually wake me up around 5:30 am - no problem.  But I usually fall asleep at 10 pm at my desk while working on the area book. I measure my productivity for the day based on how early I fall asleep at my desk.

Thursday was thanksgiving.  I didn't realize that it was until 12:30 so we said really quick at lunch what we were grateful for - I said America.  
Friday - Happy Birthday Caroline!!!
It's December now - the nicer houses have a few Christmas decorations.  It doesn't feel like Christmas because it is SO hot.
Sunday - We (the 6 missionaries in the branch) put on a missionary fireside...  We all gave super long talks sa (in) Tagalog.  Yuck.
We are also restructuring the YW's program so that our investigators actually want to go there.
I don't have much time -- I'm really slow at typing today because my index finger got sliced off by a fan blade... not fun - I don't have a finger pad now.  But I love you all.  
Shout out to Ash!! 
Mahal kita.  Katie

Side note: (Thank you Nonie for looking this all up.)   Grandpa Tom was wounded in Mindanao, Philippines on March 13, 1945.  Mindanao is the big southern island along with some smaller islands. The battle for Mindanao began March 10 and didn't end until August (when the war ended). It is a Muslim territory and there is always unrest. 

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