Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Arizona Week 1

Dear Family,

     So I think I win for craziest first week of the mission. Katie may have had a hurricane but I have this:  
1) My mission president is literally 7 feet tall, his wife is 5'1".  
2) After a day and a half of training my trainer is going home, super sad, I don't really know much about it but pray for her please... (Sister Gannon)  
3) Since Friday, I have gotten my wish of being a Spanish speaking sister missionary sometime during my mission...  The Sister Training leaders  of  whom I am in a trio with for now, are Hermanas!  

     So this has all been interesting and definitely an adventure, but I'll be reassigned tomorrow or Wednesday so it was fun while it lasted. I've gotten to see just how little Spanish I know.  During lessons, I find that I just say, "me llamo es Hermana Raynor, y yo se que el Libro de Mormon es verdad."  
     Sorry my letter is going to be short this week and, we are having mission conference next week so I won't have a p-day to write, but I will be able to skype on Christmas so that will be fun. Oh yeah, Elder Russell M. Nelson was at the MTC for Thanksgiving. Super cool. Love you All.

Sister Raynor

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