Sunday, December 29, 2013

Arizona Week 4 Merry Christmas!

Dear Family, My mission has been really great, my bike is super awesome but my area is massive so we have to drive to get anywhere.  I hope to get to ride it soon actually.  For my area, my companion and I live in a house with the Jones.  They are the sweetest couple (you will get to meet them on Christmas) and we have a dog, his name is Bob, he looks a lot like Sculley (Nonies old dog).  I'll send pictures soon, Bob just got a haircut so he actually looks just like Sculley, I'll send before and after shots soon. 
     I just started living with the Jones again on Tuesday which has been super awesome, they give us free milk and eggs and veggies from their garden, its awesome. We have this super awesome investigator, her name is Mariah and her son is Daniel. The Hermanas and I taught the first lesson to them and they are just so well prepared, they committed to baptism at the end of our lesson and the Spirit was so strong. It was really meaningful.
     I can't remember if I told you last time, but I do have a big reservation in my area which is pretty cool. 
Funny story, my new companion was a resident in my building when I was an RA, I remember her vividly. To keep it short, I pray for more patience and more love.  I feel like this because I was an RA that she remembers and so she treats me differently.  She has relaxed quite a bit on my training.  Its been a bit rough, she tends to look to me for guidance but she is supposed to be training me.  I am doing all of the driving.  I'm sure I will learn a lot from this experience. I'm still loving my mission and my people.  I'll skype you around 10am on Christmas Day. 
Also, I'm on face book now, super weird, I don't really like it but I'm still working on it - we all have our own Ipads to use on the mission.  Ha, they are protected by BodyGuardz.  (Thanks Uncle Todd!)

Sister Raynor

PS this is a link to a really good mormon message about Christmas, its the one we are showing everyone right now. Its a good one.

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