Monday, January 13, 2014

Arizona Week 5/6

So this week has been kind of rough. Our Zone (8 companionships) set a goal for this week to get 100 member present lessons and we got 101. The rough part was that my companionship contributed 1. The hardest part for me is just trying to make my companionship function successfully and trying to get us going in the right direction and trying to feel like I'm doing it right, and then to see that our stats say that I'm not doing a very good job at it.  That part has been really hard.

This week was interesting. Our Zone (8 companionships) set a goal for this week to get 100 member present lessons and we got 101! This weekend we got to go on exchanges!! They were so awesome. For the first few weeks of my mission I was put into a trio with our Areas Sister Training Leaders, so for exchanges I got to be companions with Hermana Abarca again.  It was really fun to get to go out with her. I got to see the area and people we taught again, and just go back. Exchanges are a 24 hour event and because i went to their area, i got back to the apartment i lived in for my first 3 weeks and i got to hang out with the other companionship that lives in the apartment, too.  I was stoked to see them again because we work on opposite sides of the zone, so we don't see each other as often, so that was fun.  We went out and taught a lot of people, and i learned so much. In their area, there is this pupusa place that is only open on the weekends, by place I mean it was someones house, and by someones house, i mean a Salvadorean lady making pupusas in her garage. When all three of us were in a companionship, we would go to the pupusa place every Saturday, but when I was transferred they started doing Exchanges and so Pupusa Saturdays died, but this weekend, because of exchanges, Hermana Abarca and I were able to go.  It was super fun.

Today is a little bit of a sad day. It is Hermana Maiers last P-Day. She was the other STL in my trio.She is seriously the most Christ-like person I have ever met.  She was the sister that helped me start packing up all of Sister Gannons stuff, we were up all night (2am) packing and talking. It was that night that we realized that she and I had quite a lot in common.  Her last year at BYU was my first year, and she was in my major and the president of the major's club and we were actually at quite a few of the same events.  We have people that we both knew and we actually met each other a few times, but we didn't recognize each other at first.  In the middle of the first week we were together, Hermana Abarca got that means we stay home, in proselyting clothes. Since studies only last so long, you have to talk to avoid letting the boredom kill you. When Hermana Abarca woke up from her nap, she started talking about the boy she left at home, and then we all started telling stories... Hermana Maier told us the story of her first kiss at BYU, and it was with a guy i knew (he's one of those guys that is super social and bubbly also he is black-i had to throw that in). He just kind of laid one on her after a few "dates" Turns out, Hermana Maier and I had pretty much the same encounter with the same boy, with the same results. I won't expand on that subject.  So like I said, we have a lot in common, but now she is going home. which is pretty sad.

AWESOME EXCITING NEWS THAT I WASN'T ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT UNTIL TODAY!!!  On Saturday all of the missionaries in our mission are going to be totally chewed out and righteously chastised by............PRESIDENT HOLLAND!!!!!!!! He is coming to Arizona for some church business about the Gilbert temple (the open house starts at the end  of the month) and he wanted to get a chance to address the missionaries. So the Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa Missions are all going to get to have a private "Devotional (Chastisement)" with president Holland. I am so excited he is totally my favorite.

I love you so much.

Sister Raynor

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