Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 11 Philippines

This is a video of me feeding my pet turkeys rice.  They aren't really mine but they live at our house.  I'm also not supposed to feed them but they are the closest thing I have to a pet.  When I say "bok bok bok" they run to me.  Their names are Voldemort, Laman, and Lemuel.  They just laid 12 eggs though so if any of them hatch I will name the baby korihor.  We'll see.

Nanay and Tatay Resolme - that's inside my house.  The nicest in the area.  They are some branch members that always take care of us.  She is a teacher and he drives a tricycle.  In the last two months, we have reactivated 4 of his 8 brothers. There is one more next week, Ernesto and then his whole family is active.  Super cool.  I love them.  

Pamilya ko!
Kumusta po kayo??  Namimiss ko po kayo palagi!  Ang linggong ito has been nuts!  So many crazy things have happened but I can’t remember any of them.  We have a transfer this Wednesday-I’m getting so nervous!  Either Sister Enguito or I will be transferred.  I will probably get a follow up trainer.  Its just a matter of whether or not I will get to stay here sa San Felipe.  I’m praying that I will stay here.We are doing good though.  I'll give you details on my life next week after transfers.  I love you all.  CUBO. Sister Raynor

The below pictures are of me and our super green and pink house. (I'm doing the pose from superstar.  The other one is Sister Hart and I taking our last Sunday (nice dress) picture.

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