Monday, January 13, 2014

Arizona Week 7

So this week was interesting.  We had some kind of meeting just about everyday this week, and all of the meetings were really uplifting. This week we taught 0 lessons. It was a bit rough, but the glimmer of hope came on Monday (01/06.) We have been helping this guy on the reservation prepare for baptism, he has been investigating the church for about 3 years, but smoking and golfing on Sundays have been what was holding him back. His wife, Sunnydae, is a less active member, but she is super great.  So, DJ has been looking into the church for a while, and this last year he and Sunnydae found out that they were expecting so he was really going to put forth all of his efforts to try to quit for the baby and he was doing pretty good for a while, but when they were about 5 months along, Sunny lost the baby and DJ's no smoking streak came to an abrupt end.  We met up with DJ and Sunnydae about 10 days ago and after we first talked to him we could see that he was really ready. On our second lesson with him, we committed him to quit smoking and he said that he would try. He said that he would try over and over again. On Sunday, DJ came to church and we could smell smoke but we didn't say anything, we wanted to wait until he told us. And then, Monday. We went over and had a talk, and DJ finally broke.  We were over there for 2.5 hours.  One thing I have to say, my mission has changed me, when I started our conversation, I was bold (but still loving). I flat out told, " DJ, you can't do this, in all honesty, I don't think you are going to be able to quit smoking. I know you can't do it." As I'm sure you can imagine, this was the last thing he was expecting from his "cheerleaders." After that we had a really powerful discussion about humility and commitment  By the end he realized that if he humbled himself enough to ask for help from Heavenly Father, and if he committed, not just tried, that only then could he quit smoking. When we finished, DJ was saying the closing prayer, he asked for help, and he just started crying... he finally broke.  On Friday we went back and DJ had been going strong, and he is on schedule to be baptized ob Saturday. When we were there, we were talking to them and they told us that they had some news... they are expecting again.  We were all so happy and DJ has more motivation now than ever before, he said this is his second chance. At the end, Sunny gave us each a bracelet that she made and it really meant a lot. 

So...Elder Holland... we were so excited to go and be chastised, on Friday we planned out our car pools and were all so stoked, then on Friday night we got a text message saying that Elder Holland received a new assignment and instead of flying out Saturday evening (and chastising us) he had to fly out Saturday morning. It was a little sad, but the conference was still great. We got to hear from Elder Wright of the Seventy.  It was pretty funny, his wife spoke before him and she was telling us about  how she had explained what had happened to a nonmember friend, she said it was like you had saved up for months to buy a ticket to see the Beatles, and you sit down and you're waiting for the show to start and then The Dixie Chicks come on stage. Its still an awesome concert but just not as legendary as it would have been with the Beatles. The building was shaking with laughter (we were in a stake center in Tempe and it was all the missionaries from the Tempe, phoenix, and Tucson mission.)

So, on Sunday was transfer call day and... I'm getting transferred! I won't find out where I'm going until the transfer meeting on Wednesday. Its a bittersweet moment because I'm excited for "the change" but I'm sad to leave the Jones (the family we live with,) Bob (their dog,) Laveen (much prettier than Yuma,) but most of all I'm sad that I'm going to miss DJ's baptism. That is the real bummer, but when we see them tonight I'll just give them a list of my names/nicknames that they can use for a middle name on their baby:)

Questions: Yes i got the package, thanks so much for that, its been fun. My tooth will get fixed this week, we couldn't really schedule anything with the office because President Toone has been focused on all the Elder Holland Stuff.  

Nicknames I have accumulated this Transfer: Sister Rainy, Sister Washington (because it rains in Washington,) Sister Reina (from Harley the half Spanish half English lessons, closest Spanish word that sounds like Raynor), Sister Q (Harley), Sister Queen (Reina in Spanish means queen, also from Harley).

Love you tons

Sister Washington.

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