Monday, January 20, 2014

Arizona Week 8


           I am now serving in the Casa Grande zone. My new area covers the Podunk town of Arizona City and the super sketchy town of Eloy. Arizona City reminds me a lot of Yuma, except it is more Yuman than Yuma!  It was established by snowbirds, so there are no home owners associations, no sidewalks, no street lamps, and very few nice roads (they are in between a crappy country road and a gravel road).  
          Eloy is super sketchy, we cannot be out there past 5pm and if we have dinner with members (dinner is from 5-6) we have to get permission from the zone leaders.  My new companion is super awesome, She was in a similar situation, so we have had similar thoughts for making our companionship really awesome.  We live alone in a triplex and we are the only companionship out this far, it takes us like 30 minutes to drive to church.                    Yesterday we found out that we get to take an investigator (just one/one family) to the Gilbert Temple Open House, super exciting because we were told we probably wouldn't get to before, so we are working hard to find a member with tickets who would be willing to drive us and the investigators. 

So on Saturday, DJ got baptized. Ironically, I got transferred to one of the two places that is too far to get to be there, but I'm just stoked that he got baptized.

Sorry the letter is so short, because of the holiday, libraries are closed so we have to use members computers so I'm trying to be quick.

Love you

Sister Raynor

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                              Sister Ashley Raynor                                Sister Ashley Raynor
                              9117 Century Drive                                   PO Box 1248
                             Arizona City, AZ 85123                              Arizona City, AZ  85123


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