Monday, January 27, 2014

Arizona Week 9

This last week has been incredible.  Last Friday during weekly planning, Sister Douros and I made it our goal to reach the Standard of Excellence so we set our key indicator goals accordingly.  The Standard of Excellence is a set of numbers that our mission president has really prayed about and he feels that if we can reach these goals then we will really see the miracles come.  They are 16 lessons with a member present, 6 new investigators, 4 investigators with a baptismal date, 6 investigators at church, 5 referrals from members. Our other goals were to have 4 progressing investigators and to have taught 4 lessons to recent convert/less active members.  

Monday, we had FHE with a part member family and it was super fun, we played restoration jeopardy. We had 1 member present lesson. 

Tuesday was an interesting day.  We had a meeting from 9-12 and after the meeting we had to go home so we could do companionship study and my training and then we had to leave for dinner.  After dinner Sister Douros said that she had had this really weird bad feeling right after our meeting that would not go away, and after she brought that up i mentioned that i had been feeling that way too.  Neither of us could get that awful feeling to go away so, we went home.  We went home and said a prayer, we asked for help because we did not know why we felt the way that we did and we needed the feeling to stop.  We asked to be forgiven if there was anything that we had done to cause this feeling and we asked that He would help us that as we went back out with renewed diligence that we would be able to get some lessons in and that we would get top meet new people. We went out and we got to see some people, and we even got a member to go out with us. 2 member presents, 1 less active/ recent convert(LARC).

Wednesday, we spent the afternoon in Eloy (worse than Empire). We got a member to go with us and we taught 3 member present lessons, 1 LARC, and 1 other lesson(no member present.) After dinner we went back to Arizona City and we had Ellie come with us. She is a laurel, she is 17 and getting ready for her mission, she has been great. Our ward is mostly made up of old people so getting members is kind of tough, but Ellie gets done with school at 4, so she is mostly free for the rest of the night and she loves coming out with us.  While we had Ellie, we had another 1 LARC and 1 member present.

Thursday we had 2 LARCs and 2 Member present lessons. 
Friday we went back to this (Less active/part member) lady's house and taught her and her son (9) and her nephew (11) the restoration and the 2 little boys wanted to be baptized, and we got 2 member present lessons that night.  Saturday we taught 6 member present lessons, and 2 LARCs. When we went back to the house with the little boys, there was another cousin there, and we were teaching the plan of salvation, and when we were finishing, Ramone (also 9) asked what do i need to do to go to the sun? he asked us if he could be baptized. By Saturday night, we had reached the standard of excellence on all accounts, but Sunday was going to be make it or break it, we needed to get 6 investigators there. We called everyone, we thought we could get 4 people there for sure, but then... 
Sunday morning came and only Ramone (9) and Christopher(9) showed up.  It was pretty disappointing. Not even our 2 investigators who were fully committed showed up, we only had 2 at church.  Then the miracles came.  After sacrament, a member came up and told us about this family that she met who wanted to come to church with her and how they showed up for sacrament (now we were at 4), then the young women's president told us that Arnice and Astrith (2 longtime investigators) had showed up too (that's 6) and then this part member family came (3 nonmembers) and we ended up having 9 investigators at church. 7 of them showed up out of no where. So, we hit the standard on every count and excelled in almost all of them. 

My testimony of the power of prayer has been strengthened and I have gained a testimony of setting goals in faith. I can now say that I know that if we set our goals in faith and strive to be exactly obedient and to be the most diligent missionaries, then the miracles will come.

Love you so much
Sister Raynor

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