Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 14 Philippines

I hope everyone is doing well!  I always feel awkward with these letters and so I'm just going to jump right in:
Jason and Michelle Moyo:  They were baptized last week and then confirmed this week.  Jason is amazing.  It says in Preach My Gospel (missionary handbook) that you can't convert someone past your own testimony.  I totally disagree.  I think that we cant teach someone past our own understanding but I am so positive that Jason has a way stronger testimony then me.  It amazes me.  After he was confirmed (in English, but he doesn't speak any English) he came down from the stand and he said "sister Raynor, i understood it all- hindi mga salita pero ang ibig sabihin--not the words but the meaning).  It was amazing.  Then he was crying during testimony bearing because he wanted to bear his testimony but he was so overwhelmed by the spirit that he couldn't stop crying. He is so cool. Michelle asked me where she needs to apply in order to become a teacher at church (she wants to teach the investigator/gospel essentials class).   They are awesome. Their niece who lives next to them looks like a Filipina Cali Sherry.  She is so cute.  I always flick her and she laughs.  Just like CALI.  
Nikko Placido:  So Nikko was a LAR (less active return).  He has been less active for two years.  He is 13 years old.  He came back to church last month.  He is now super active and goes to all the activities.  On Sunday, I looked over in Sacrament meeting and saw him passing me the sacrament.  It has been amazing to see his progression from not going to church at all to loving it.  
Sister Hart: Probably my favorite person that I have met so far on the mission.  She and I will be together for 6 months of our missions.  
Elder and Sister Gorringe: The senior couple assigned to our area.  I love them.  They are from South Jordan, UT.  They are adorable.  He is in charge of the finances and she is the mission secretary.  They are the best.  They always come and visit us and we all just speak English to each other-its great.  
The Philippines: Yep, still the same.  Pretty crazy.  The highlight of this week was Sister Hart begging me to pump water on her from the water pump things in the back while she sat in the laundry tub-yep it was definitely that hot. And yep, I definitely declined. Its still more fun in the Philippines. (just kidding, sometimes its really not).  Whenever anything happens people just say its more fun in the Philippines.  I don't know.  But no crazy stories this week.  

I can't believe its already February!  Its almost been 6 months... pretty crazy.  Happy almost Valentines Day.  And almost Happy Birthday Davy.

 I love you all.  Cubo.  Sister Raynor


                              The Meat Section of the market.

                                    More of the market.

                         The normal section....yuck..  :)

SO these are FHE the other night with the Abundo Family.  

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