Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 11 Arizona

     So this week was a little unproductive. My companion's knee has been hurting for a while so we've been to the doctors a few times and they're thinking she has a torn meniscus, but they cant say for sure until they get an MRI. We've been to the doctors twice this week, which isn't very fun.  
     Arizona City is a bit of a drive from Casa Grande (where civilization is) and we usually go there 4 times a week for meetings and church, but because we had 2 Dr's appointments we were up there 7 times last week... lots of driving.  That was pretty sad because it meant not much teaching, but the highlight of the week was that we got to go to the temple on Wednesday.  We saw the new presentation which was cool.  The Mesa temple is super pretty, the colors are a pastel pink, green, and gold (not my favorite,) but the paintings in there are all these amazing landscape/nature paintings.  There is this one wall that is just a scene of Joseph Smith and the apostles teaching Native Americans and the other side is them teaching the Lamanites, it is super cool.  
     That's pretty much all the news i have.

I love you all.

Sister Raynor

Shout out to David - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And tell Karin I am praying for her

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