Sunday, February 16, 2014

Arizona Week 10

My birthday was nice, I didn't really tell anyone about it because I don't like being the center of attention, but on Tuesday we had interviews with President Toone, so we were in Casa Grande.  So Sister Douros and I got sushi for lunch and that was pretty fun.  
On Thursday we had dinner with two of our ward missionaries Corky and Ruth and they made me a chocolate cake.  When we were eating it I saw that there was something in my piece, it was long and stringy looking, when I asked Corky what it was, she said shredded coconut, but it didn't really taste like it. When everyone finished their piece of cake, Corky announced that it was not coconut chocolate cake, it was sauerkraut cake!  Apparently she got this recipe from an Amish lady back east but since Corky doesn't like chocolate she had never really made it, but when she found out about my birthday (Sister Douros snuck them a note) she decided to capitalize on the opportunity.  Very sweet, very nice...

So this week....We hit the Standard of Excellence again.  I think because we reached it last week, we knew that it was an attainable goal and that we could do it...and so we did it and that was awesome.

On Saturday (2/8) one of our investigators is getting baptized, and this guy really does not like me, but it's okay because I don't care (I just care that he's doing the right thing) and it's kind of fun having someone to banter with (missing Katie a little here??)  

Hmmm, I guess this is a short one.  I keep forgetting my SD card but I will get some pictures to you eventually.  Don't forget to go to my Face Book page.  (Sister Ashley Raynor)  

I love you so much
Sister Raynor

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