Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 12 Arizona

So transfer calls were last night aaaaaaaaaaand I'm staying in Arizona City.  This past week has been killer, we were up in Casa Grande literally everyday this week and on Wednesday and Thursday we were up there for 2 - 3 hour long doctor's appointments.  I got a lot of reading done.  On Friday we were up there again for exchanges.  I have to say, I love exchanges. Exchanges are essentially companion switches where you get to see other missionaries ways of teaching and you really get to learn a lot, also you get a 24-hour break from your companion (and after 6 hours at the doctors I needed that). On this go, Sister Douros left our area and went up to Gilbert with Hermana Segura and I stayed in Arizona City with Hermana Marquez. It was really nice, Hermana Marquez has been out on her mission for 9 months and she has spent all of it in the same area in the ward... she loves exchanges more than I do. 

Sorry its going to be a short letter but it was an off week. It isn't looking good for my companion's knee...she might have to go home. 

Sister Raynor

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