Thursday, March 6, 2014

Philippines Week 18

So seguro, short and sweet this week kasi walang time.
  • We saw our Branch Mission Leader and old Branch Mission Leader fight (mixed martial arts) it was crazy.  Super intense. Never again.
  • I did not get transferred. I am still in San Felipe with Sister Pizon. Sister Hart did not get transferred either.  Elder Christensen our District Leader got transferred. Super sad.
  • We had an FHE/mission farewell for Roni (our former branch mission leader).  We met our new District Leader and played a weird game where I had to eat two huge tomatoes as fast as I could. The tomatoes here are very different.  Not a fan :)
  • We walked all over San Felipe for a place with a white background so that I could take a passport picture for immigration. The people here really like to paint their houses bright colors.  I ended up having to go to a photo shop in town. 
  • Roni's dog bit my finger but didnt break my skin and so I don't have to get a rabies shot - hallelujah. That dog is pretty gross. It is all scabbing and hairless -- not like Maggie.
  • Just a quick shout out to Bart Bartoni. There is a man in the Branch here that looks like a mobster. He always wears his tank top, huge gold cross, and all of his gold jewelry.  He also wears his really nice dress pants. (Definitely not an "Italian mobster and DEFINITELY not as CUTE as my boyfriend - and Lisa's Bart!)
  • So yesterday I wasn't feeling good at church, so I wore my hair up without makeup.  When our Branch President saw me, in his Taglish he goes "Sister Raynor bakit pangit ka today"  (SIster Raynor, why are you ugly today). That is one of the things I have learned if you are having a bad day, the people here tell you.
  • Some guy on the street asked me to kiss him last night (pakiss).  Daniel, the Branch Missionary  got so mad and got in his face.l  It was hilarious.
  • It was Rodelyn Tabile's birthday (she lives with the Moyos) last night and so we celebrated with them.  
I love you all and I hope that everyone is doing good.  Cubo.  Sister Raynor

The Branch Missionary pretending to lift weights. He is the one that was "defending my honor". He is also the  one with the sweat rag on his face.  

Michelle Moyoand her baby in her house.  I spend a lot of time here. 

Rodilyn and me on her birthday. 

 Keane and Christaly (Cali).

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