Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 14 Arizona


      It is so awesome that you are swimming! That is such a great thing to be doing up there, especially when its all rainy and cold outside - way to be.  I have actually been thinking about Emily Young a lot this week.  If she had gone on her mission, we totally could have been companions! About 7 months ago, they created a bunch of new missions and so some of the missionaries from the Arizona Phoenix Mission joined the Arizona Tempe Mission, and by some i actually mean a lot.  Every other missionary I meet was in the AZ Phoenix mission before...she and I totally could have been companions but.. boys.  
     So last Sunday the Gilbert Temple was dedicated, but on the Saturday before, when they had the Cultural Celebration it was pouring rain. Here's the cool thing that I forgot to write about last week.  When President Eyring spoke, he promised all the youth who participated that they would be blessed and that none of them would get sick from the rain.  Out of the 10,000 youth who were there, not one has been sick!  Apostolic promises come true. I just thought it was cool. 
      This last week we decided to focus on service so we did 8 hours of pulling weeds, 3 hours of cutting paper, 4 hours of cutting lettuce, and 2 hours, of cleaning...long week. Besides that it was a very uneventful week, so this letter is gonna be a little short.

Also, I found this super sweet quote, I put it on FaceBook but in case you haven't seen it, it's my new favorite.

 Brigham Young said:  
"If you have a bad thought about yourself, 
tell it to go to hell because that is exactly where it came from." 
I like it, its a good thing to remember.

     So our mission president has challenged us to read the Book of Mormon this transfer.  If we read about 13 pages a day, we can read the Book of Mormon in 6 weeks and if you do that every day, you can read the Book of Mormon every other month...cool thought. If you have some free time, it'd be a cool thing to do.

Love you

Sister Raynor

PS:  Happy Anniversary Papa Wally and Granny Jo!

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