Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 15 Arizona

Just some quick notes this week:

  • Keep up on the swimming Mom, I think that is totally awesome. One thing I've learned on my mission is that exercising is a lot like prayer, the times when you don't want to do it is when you need to do it the most, and you can never feel guilty afterwards.  
  • Rachel forwarded Aaron's letter to me - I read it and I am super proud of him and of what he is doing. 
  • I never thought I'd hear you say, "Jimmy Fallon makes me laugh" Mom - April fool's isn't until the 1st of April.  
So this week...we got to take Nancy and Alex (getting baptized on Saturday March 22nd) to the visitor's center!!! Nancy has been investigating the church for 2 1/2 years.  She's been ready for awhile, but she's from the South and she loved her coffee and cigars. Alex is her son. He is 14 and he has real bad ADD, so the visitor's center was really good for him. In normal lessons we have his attention for about 7 minutes but when the Joseph Smith movie started, he was sucked in. The Spirit was so strong. It was an awesome experience.

So last week we (all the missionaries in the mission) got in trouble because apparently Sister Toone went on a few cleaning checks and was disturbed by what she saw.  So we essentially all got grounded. All Pday activities are cancelled until further notice. We can't even "mingle" with other missionaries on Pday, so hanging out at the other sisters apartment is out, but we can still go over to do our laundry.

Tomorrow we have Zone Conference, I am so excited for that. The last one we went to was inspired.  I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. Sorry this is gonna be short.  Before I forget though, can you send me my orange Chacos - the flip flops?  That would be so awesome.

Love you, 
Sister Raynor

                                               Spanish is Funny!

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