Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week 13 Arizona

Hey everyone,

     So this week was awesome! With transfers we got another set of English sisters and a set of Spanish elders and we only lost 1 person. Super grateful for the elders because before there were only 2 Spanish companionships trying to cover the whole zone, so they were always stressed and spread pretty thin. 
     The Spanish sisters who cover our area are super awesome, but like I said before they've been pretty busy and then 2 weeks ago their ward mission leader just up and moved to Mexico. I guess his brother is going to be the new mission president in the Tijuana Mexico Mission, so he moved to help his brother out, kinda cool.  
     But since Brother Stewart (our ward mission leader) found out about it, he has taken on the position of temporary ward mission leader for the Spanish branch.  Brother Stewart is an interesting older man. He can't hear, he is pretty controlling, he micromanages us a bit, but he is awesome. He wants to make sure everything is running smoothly so I think he worries a lot about how we are doing the work.  He was a detective and a prison warden, but he is retired now, so he spends all of his time doing things for his calling. The other day, he got the move-in list for the past 3 years and he was going through it. When he finished he gave it to us with all of his notes, on one of them, it was for this guy named Peter, he wrote "no spouse/children of record, found orange flip flops outside the door, small in size, likely belong to a female."  It was a bit funny.  It's hard for  the Spanish sisters, because he was  not asked by anyone to do any of that investigation... he just assumed the role.  He is awesome, but yes, well, a little bit crazy.

On Sunday, the Gilbert Temple was dedicated.  So on Saturday, we got to go to the stake center to watch the cultural celebration, which was pretty fun, and then on Sunday, we got to go watch one of the sessions in the stake center.  We were at the 9 am session, but the satellite was down so we thought we might have to drive like 45 minutes to the next closest stake center, but then they got it up in time for the 12 o'clock session, it was so cool. At dinner yesterday we ate dinner at the Dunne's house, it was super cool because it turns out that Brother Dunne served in Modesto and Stockton, so that was kind of fun.

So I got my tooth fixed, One of the stake high counselors was the dentist so it was totally free. He was so kind and helpful. I got the package from the relief society and the one from you, tell everyone thank you so much, thanks for the shoes, they are perfect.  
That's all the good stuff, Love you.

Sister Raynor

The First picture was going to be my first baptism...then I got transferred so I missed it, but I love this family so much.

The second picture is me and Sister Douros at the Gilbert Temple open house...It was beautiful, there were these amazing stained glass windows everywhere.

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