Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 15 Phillipines

Oh my Family!  

SO this week has been so short.  We have taught so many lessons this week, which is pretty exciting because that means that I am speaking Tagalog in each lesson.  On Friday, we went to the mission home for Sister Pizon's follow-up training.  It was fun just to hang out there.  One of the Assistant to the President is actually our old Zone Leader.  He goes home in two weeks.  He is from Boise and is totally a country/farm boy.  It's super great.  So I was able to hang out with him and just visit with the other trainers for a while.  I also got a package from mom which was SOOOO exciting.  
On Saturday we had baptisms.  Then we went back to our house and ended up getting into a huge spaghetti fight with the Branch Missionaries on the porch.  It was super fun--almost normal.  
On Sunday, we got a new Branch Mission Leader.  Our old BML" is going on a mission in two weeks.  Our new BML is actually an RM who served with my MTC teacher in San Pablo. He is 21.  Its crazy but I feel like the Youth and YSA do so much for our branch.  I also realized how much I miss just sitting in a WARD not having to worry about anything or any investigators.  I mean, I love it here, but sometimes I just miss English and the ease of Sundays :)  
Today, Monday, we had a zone activity because we met the Standard of Excellence again.  We went to IBA (one of the bigger cities up north) and went to a resort--a beach.  There wasn't really a ton to do because its super hot and so we all just kind of sat around and "hung-out" for 6 hours in the shade.  But we also got to hangout with Elder and Sister Gorringe -the senior couple.  They are so great.  After the activity they took us (the missionaries from San Felipe--me, Sister Pizon, Sister Laguerta, Sister Hart, Elder Christensen and Elder Flores) to a grocery store.  A real grocery store. It was so expensive but so amazing.  We only had 30 minutes but it was the nicest place I have been to in 5 months.  It was mind-blowing.  I'm also super excited because Sister Pizon needs clothes and so we need to go shopping in Olongapo next Monday.  Elder Gorringe actually talked to President for us and offered to drive us and go with us.  I am so excited.  They are so normal and fun.  
Well, this is all I've got for this week.  But I love you all.  

Shout out to everyone-Happy Valentines Day.  Pre-shout out to David- Happy Birthday.
Love you all, Sister Raynor

1)Daniel (left) and Journey(right) eating spaghetti on our porch.  Daniel works with us all the time.  Journey is our new BML.

2) Our Training batch.

3) Me asking Sister Hart to be my Valentine.  Inside joke.  But just saying-I'm king of the best.  (She said yes...) 

 4) Elder Fonnesbeck.  Our old ZL that became an AP.  He is the best.   

5+6) The fish that we ate at the activity earlier.

7+8) The "resort" from our activity earlier today.  That is the owner asleep on the table during our activity....

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