Sunday, February 16, 2014

Philippines Week 16

So this week was actually a little bit uneventful.  We had Zone Conference  in San Antonio about a 30 minute bus ride.  I got to see my trainer Sister Enguito, her companion is sobrang maliit (small--like 3 feet tall). I also got a sweet Christmas card from the Barnes!  Thank you - such a sweet family.  I love you guys.
     We celebrated Valentine's Day-we all got a heart shaped mini cake=di-masarap (not delicious).  We also had the old branch president come home from work in Australia.  While he was there he was able to spend a day with Sister Hart's family.  So yesterday we all went to his house for lunch- it was so...normal.  Like everything was just really nice.  Sister Hart's family also gave him a little duffel bag of stuff for her.  It was a pretty good day. 
     Today, I am emailing from Subic (this is where the Mission Home is, the town next to Olongapo) because Elder and Sister Gorringe are taking us to Olongapo to go shopping today.  That should be fun.  This week was nanay Anita Facelo's birthday.  Anita is the nanay or mom of Michelle Moyo (our newest convert).  She turned 63 so we got her a cake and celebrated with them.  It was super fun.  I don't know what I am going to do when I get transferred away from them-- I feel like part of the family. (Pictures below)  

Take a look at Chirstaly--she is in the middle of the group picture.  She reminds me so much of Cali.  She is awesome.  She always say "ingat po" (be safe) when we leave every night.  She is awesome.

This picture is our district after Zone Conference at the nicest restaurant that I have been to here in the Philippines.

This last picture is Laman (my pet turkey) in the sink.  I just heard all of this squealing one morning and so I went out and she was just hanging out in the sink. 

Well, I think that that is it.  But I love you all so much.
Love Sister Raynor  

PS: Happy Birthday Chanel Barnes.             Happy almost Birthday David. 

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