Saturday, December 7, 2013

Arrived in Arizona

There wasn't much of an email this last week and actually I just received a very short note from Ashley by postal service.  She did arrive safe and sound...  I also found it interesting that although we have the opportunity to use the Internet that the missions seem to be stressing writing to your missionary regularly and encouraging them in their proselyting efforts.

The other thing that her mission president wrote which I appreciated was:  

"As we met with Sister Raynor yesterday, we stressed the principles of obedience, hard work and worthiness.  This mission holds great potential for each missionary assigned.  The members are strong and love these great Elders and Sisters.  You can be assured they, and we, will do all possible to watch over your daughter.  It is a very special responsibility we feel toward our missionaries.  We want to see them enjoy a happy and successful mission."

Here is the mission home address and hopefully we will be receiving an exact address for Ashley.  However, since her P-day isn't until Monday, it will be a few more days.  

Arizona Tempe Mission
1871 E. Del Rio Drive
Tempe, AZ  85282

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