Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 7 Philippines

I had balut this week.  Elder Christensen and I did it together.  I took a video but it is too long.  You drink the zygote juice and then you peel and bite, but it is just this yellow yoke and a big black baby bird.  I touched the beak.  But I did it and it tasted like hard boiled egg.  

I got a package of shoes on the 12th.  It was the greatest.  I also got 5 really old dearelders -- also awesome.  
I also have a nice infected blister.  It is swollen and bright green. 

This week was Sister Hart's birthday.  Sister Hart is from Australia.  She lives in my apartment with her trainer.  She is my best friend out here.  She, Elder Christensen and I always hang out.  We are all planning a trip to Australia when we get home.

Favorite quote from this week:  "I like the way you wear your blush."  Said to me by a creepy 60 year old.  Creeper.

I LOVE YOU ALL!  Got to go.  Mahal KITA. Shout out to Rach:: Happy Birth.

Countryside Photos:

Sister Enguito's Birthday

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