Monday, September 23, 2013

Katie: MTC Week 2

Family!  This week went by so fast.  It was really hard but its over for the next 8 hours and then I'm back to class.  We finished teaching our first training investigator this week-we got him to commit to baptism.  Very cool.  On Monday we meet with two new investigators.  
The language is coming-slowly- but its coming.  Its starting to get to the point where its harder to pray in English than Tagalog.  We are supposed to SYL (speak your language) constantly throughout the day but after 6 hours of Tagalog klase and 2 additional study hours a day, I think we are all tired of Tagalog.  We met our second Guro(teacher) on Thursday- he was our "investigator" Jonar.  We has no idea that our investigator would be our teacher. So I guess I can thank all my wonderful siblings for not giving me a heads up. 
I have some super exciting news!  They had auditions/a selection process for sister missionaries to sing in the General Relief Society Meeting next weekend.  So look for me-I'll be with the Second Sopranos (scary and a little bit higher than I'm used to but thats where they put me).  
On Tuesday we move to West Campus- Wyview and Raintree- We're all super excited because apparently it is all way nicer.

I also ran into a few people that Ash will know: Hannon Young and the Medicinal Plants TA Emily.  

Well, I guess this is it for the whole family.  I'll try to send some pictures as well.

Mahal Kita.
Sister Raynor

PS One of the Sisters in my district and I have become super close--she reminds me a lot of Rachel (only she does not push my buttons as much...).  

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