Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 70 Arizona

So this week....well...the highlight of it was conference. I think my favorite was elder Hollands, the rock climbing story...I know what that feeling is right before your arms give out and you are about to fall. It felt real. Hijole! I loved it.  I heard that Elder Packers talk was really good...but I couldn't understand him. 

So, have y'all heard about the Church's new initiative? It's called "Because He Lives." It's really cool and they want us to show it to everyone so...we went tracting! Funny thing that happened while we were tracting/street contacting, we were looking for an apartment in this huge confusing complex. We saw a guy putting stuff into his car so we asked him if he knew where building 8 was (also this was at 7:45.) He didn't understand us so as we got closer we realized that he was from China...only been here a month. He asked us what we asked him and so we asked about building 8 and he pointed and said, "I tink its sumwhere ova der." We said thanks and as were about to start talking church with him he said, " dark...I'll walk you." So for the next 20 minutes we went all over the complex with our fresh off the boat Chinese guide. He is super cool and he will probably get baptized. We sent him off as a referral to the Mandarin speaking missionaries. 

Well that was about it for the week. Love you.

Sister Raynor 

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