Sunday, April 12, 2015

Week 69 Arizona

So, This week...if I could give it a title it would be something like "The Week of Trunky." We had an all sisters mission conference in Tempe on Saturday and all that they talked about was covenants and marriage and being wives and mothers and all that jazz. Hijole!! Then we had the General Women's session aka more families and marriage and covenants, and not to mention the fact that President Toone went off about family traditions and let all of us send a text message home...week of trunky.

But...this is something cool I got from the sisters mission conference. When you think baptisimal covenant, what do you think? For me it  was take the name of Christ upon us, always remember Him, and to keep His commandments. The point was made that if that is the covenant that we make a baptism then we have all broken that covenant 1000's of times. Lucky for us...that's not the covenant that we made. We covenanted to be WILLING to keep His commandments, WILLING to take His name upon us, and WILLING to always remember Him. I loved this because it brings a lot of hope. It makes keeping our covenants seem a lot more possible.That's my thought for the week.

I love you

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