Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week 45 Arizona

Yes, the Spanish is finally coming. When we go on exchanges with English sisters, I can stay in the area and talk to people. It's not good Spanish by any means but I think they get what I'm trying to say. I am still in Tempe! We thought that one of us was getting transferred but then President Toone nuked the mission and made 10 zones into 14 zones. So I'm still here is Tempe. 

These past two weeks have been a bit hard mainly because of the craziness of all the happenings here in Tempe. It feels like Sister Smuin and I haven't worked in our area together for forever.

I'll break it down...

Monday-        P-day, we don't go out to work until 6
Tuesday-       district meeting from 9-12:30, lunch 12:30- 1:30, Spanish 1:30-2:30, 4 exchange           
                      with Sister Tanaka and Sister Spendlove 
Wednesday-  4:45 exchange back with Sisters Tanaka and Spendlove, dinner 5-6:30
Thursday-      MLC 8-2:30, Facebook, 3-4:15, dinner 5-6:15, rides -30, Ward correlation 8-9
Friday-           weekly planning 9-12:30, Zone leadership meeting 12:30-1, lunch 1-2, 
                      Spanish 2-3, Facebook 3-4:15, rides -30, dinner 5-6:30, Ward Soccer 7-8, Zone 
                      Meeting prep 8:30-9
Saturday-      General Conference 9-11, lunch 11-12, Spanish 12-12:45, General Conference 1-3
                      Facebook 4-5, Dinner 5-6:15, Zone Meeting planning meeting 8-9
Sunday-        General Conference 9-11, lunch 11:20-12:20, travel to stake center 12:30-12:55, 
                     1-3, Facebook 3-4, travel -1, dinner 5-6:15, Sunday Sync 8:30-9

M 3 T 1.5 W 2.5 Th 1.5 F .75 Sa 1.25 Su 1.75    TOTAL: 9.25

Monday-        P-day, shifted vertebrae 
Tuesday-       district meeting, stiff neckedness, doctors appointments 
Wednesday- Meet the Mormons, neck
Thursday-     neck
Friday-          weekly planning 9-12:30, zone leadership meeting 12:30-1, lunch 1-2, 
                     Spanish 2-3, Facebook 3-4:20, dinner 5-6:20, travel -45, exchange Sisters Tew and 
                     Manwill 8:30
Saturday-     Exchange back with Sisters Tew and Manwill 8:30

Sunday-       Ward counsel 7:15-8:40, church 9-12, new beginnings practice 12:30-1:15, 
                     studies 1:30-2:30, new Beginnings 4-7, interviews training meeting 7-8:30, Sunday 
                     sync 8:30-9

M 0 T 0 W 0 Th 0 F 1.75 Sa 0 Su 1.5     TOTAL: 3.25

It's been a rough one. But it'll get better soon. Cool thing that happened this week, I got to see my trainer! There is this couple that missionaries have been working with forever, and they just got married, and so she came down for the wedding, and so I got to see her! It was really awesome. I miss her, she was a super good missionary. 

Sister Raynor

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