Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week 46 Arizona

I'm really happy that you had so much fun with your half marathon. This week was pretty crazy. We had our interviews with President this week, and then another exchange, one of the most incredible miracles of my mission followed by a heart break, and then the mission president's devotional.

For this round of exchanges I went with Sister Stott, she is from Montana and she is one of those people that is just so happy all the time, like she poops sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. We went to her area and it's a biking area, so we biked around all day and it was super fun.

For that miracle...this week we learned the hard lesson that even when God puts every little thing in place for us, because people still have the agency to choose....  not to go. 

We have been teaching this family, Fabiola (the mom,) Lucy (10,) Christian (9,) and Mia (5.) These kids are incredible, we have been teaching them for 2 weeks now. When we first went over Fabiola was happy to see us, but then she stopped coming out for lessons, but she still wanted us to come talk to her kids while she was on the phone. Anyways, we finally caught all of them together (8:30pm on a Friday) and we really really wanted them to go to the Phoenix Temple Open House, we had been fasting so we could catch them and we did. After we invited them...they said yes, that they had just gotten their car back and that they could go tomorrow morning. The Miracle, everything came together in less than an hour. By 9:30 we had a ride, we had a member, and this was the miracle that we knew would come. The next morning, we get to their house at 9:30am, and the kids are all ready, Lucy just says we're almost ready, my mom is just getting dressed. Christian tells us how he is sooooooo excited to go to the temple, and we all wait for Fabiola. It's 9:45, we send Lucy back to check on her, and she comes back with the saddest look ever. Fabiola said that they can't go anymore and that she's going to go to bed.

We were defeated, we saw a miracle and had to watch it pass by. We had the rides, the members, the tickets, and all of that came straight from the Lord, but then...Agency. That was a really hard pill to swallow.

But like always, we pushed through it and ended the week happy.

Con Amor
Sister Raynor

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