Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Philippines Week 70

Let me just start by saying that I am SO SO excited to be able to see and talk to you all! Sister Hart woke me up at around midnight and informed me that I will be seeing my family next week. We probably annoyed the other sisters by talking about it for a good hour. I love you all and I am excited to see you so soon. 

As for this week, it was so slow but fast at the same time. It feels like I was just emailing yesterday. But it was a week ago. THIS WEEK:

Monday- After I emailed, we all went home and slept. It was actually pretty boring. But while listening to Glorious by David Archuleta, Sister Hart and I decided that we wanted to give a final workshop together for the zone. So we texted the zone leaders and district leaders and offered to give the workshop the next day. It was basically a testimony meeting. But it was very cool and fun. Then we all went and had a family home evening with the Perfecto Family. 

Tuesday- We went to Olongapo with the elders. It was a super fun car ride because President Dahle recently gave the elders permission to listen to Josh Groban. Party. Then we went and did our workshop. After the Zone Meeting, Elder and SIster Gorringe took us out for a goodbye lunch. They invited Sister Hart and I to stay the night with them at their apartment before we go to Manila. I am going to miss those two so much. The have really become like parents to me.  

Wednesday- We had a huge family home evening with the Quijano family. The games involved getting lipstick drawn on your face if you lost. We looked like Lamanites.

Thursday- I taught my new favorite investigator Troy. It is super hard to teach him because its in English and my companion isn't completely comfortable with her English. But it was still super fun. He kept offering to let me drive one of his motorcycles.It was so funny. But boy, he sure loves to curse. We will work on that :)

Friday- We spent a lot of time working on the branch directory. We are trying to clean up the membership records in order to help the branch here to become a ward. So we (the missionaries) are visiting every member on the directory to verify addresses. We are having a lot of success with it. In just one morning, we were able to contact three lost members and meet 14 New Investigators. It was inspiring to see how the Lord truly finds and puts people in your path if we are willing to just put out trust in Him and be obedient to His commandments.  

Saturday- Baptisms! Sister Khate Stephanie and Jovelle Tacuyan.

Sunday- We had a really great day that ended with a HUGE birthday party. 

This upcoming week is going to fly by. We have tons of appointments planned out. Every night. The members are throwing farewell parties for Sister Hart and me.

I should be able to email next Monday from the mission home. But I love you all!

Love Sister Raynor

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