Thursday, March 5, 2015

Week 66 Arizona

So this was a crazy one. We had zone conference (happens once a quarter, we receive training by President Toone) up in northern Phoenix. There they told us that we are all getting brand new iPads, and they told us about how all of North America (excluding Mexico and South America) are getting iPads and most of Europe too. The church is buying so many iPads that they have bought and now own an Apple outlet. It's CRAZY. They also told us that we are going to have this big BIG meeting with a member of the Seventy and someone from the Missionary Department. My mission was an iPad "pilot mission," so they are going to give us our official training (even though we've already had iPads for a year and a half.) All interesting stuff don't you think?

We also got to go to the Visitor's Center twice this week to see Meet the Mormons. That has been an amazing, huge blessing. It is such a powerful movie. Have you gotten to see it yet? If not, repent! I know you're gonna love it. I also had an exchange this week. It was a good way to mix things up.

Love Hermana Raynor

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