Monday, May 5, 2014

Arizona Week 22

So this week...I had menudo for the first time!! It was nasty! overall the soup was good but that was after I ate all the meat chunks out...gross. I have a picture.  So the Spanish is going well, I learn more everyday. This was a super long week, we had interviews with President Toone and so we had meetings on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (ward meeting), and Friday. 
          Funny thing, so a lot of the ward members will hear English swear words and not know that they are bad, and so they will say them (totally innocently,) but anyways on Sunday, we were in primary (my companion was playing piano) and this little sunbeam says "what the h*ll" like 4 times. Super funny. Then we were waiting for Relief Society to end and this little boy walks up to us and we ask him what his name was, and he says "handsome."  We busted up laughing, so funny...  Sorry its gonna be a short one, I had a really long letter to write to the President.

Love you
Hermana Raynor

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