Monday, June 16, 2014

Philippines Week 32

Hi family! Tricked you!  I am emailing today, June 7th, because we have a mission wide activity on Monday. Yay! So I get to see Sister Hart and Elder Christensen.  I'm super excited.   This week went by really fast but that is probably because it is only Saturday.  I privately celebrated the birthdays of Cali, Dad and Aunt Nina by mentioning them in my journal.  
          We had a super fun Zone Meeting.  The lesson was about how in order to gain the trust of our ward leaders we need to be of more service. Like Ammon, when he first meets and impresses King Lamoni the king says marry one of my daughters but Ammon tells the king that he desires to serve him.  So he goes and takes care of the sheeps.  The idea/activity of the Zone Leaders was really good. Elder Heywood was King Lamoni and we all needed to serve him like Ammon and do tasks.  But unfortunately one of the tasks was "powder the kings face" it didnt turn out really well.  
          We also tried something really amazing. Its called God's Referral.  The idea is that if God gave you a referral, it would be the best that we would ever get.  So what we do is just ask God for a referral.  We pray for forgiveness and the inspiration of the spirit and then ponder and write down 10-15 street names.  Then we pray over the names until you narrow it down to 3-5. Then you compare with your companion, who has been doing the same thing.  Its amazing because some of the streets that you have chosen are the same as your companions.  You then pray for specific times.  We ended up going out to one street and knocked/yelled (no doors) every house.  After 4 houses, we already had 6 new investigators who let us teach them right away and had used all of the time that we had.  It was really effective and incredible to see the Lord play such a big part in our work.  This week has been crazy but so far in my mission, it seems like each week get crazier as I go along.  
          I am excited to be a part of this work.  I love you all and I hope everyone is doing well.
 Cubo. Sister Raynor

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