Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 29 Arizona

 So this has been another awesome week, we had 18 member present lessons this week and 7 of those were through Facebook. I got to do a lesson with Nonie and Nathan Allen and that was super sweet, a little weird, but still awesome. 2 weeks ago, we made it a goal to make our Facebook time more effective and by changing our Facebook time to different hours of the day we were able to find "the golden hour" for Facebook.  I jumped the gun a little bit, but that "golden hour" is generally from 3-5.  We have really been able to utilize this time and now, I definitely have a testimony of Facebook (something I never thought I'd say.) We have been able to reach so many people that many other missionaries gave up on because they were always "too busy for a cita." Facebook is incredible.

Besides that, we had a pretty uneventful week, "transfers" calls come this Sunday, so if I hear anything I'll let you know. I have to say this transfer just flew by. Its been crazy, at the end of this next transfer, my companion will be going home and I'll hit my halfway mark...weird.

My Spanish is coming along, little by little. Can I hold a conversation... heavens no, Can I teach a lesson by myself... snow balls chance in you know where.  Can I get my point across... sometimes. Do I have a testimony of the enabling power of the Atonement and the Gifts of God... Absolutely! 
          I study so hard, all my spare time is dedicated to learning Spanish, I have a testimony that God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called, I didn't really know any Spanish before my mission, but through diligently studying and relying 100% on the Lord, I can help my investigators come closer to Christ. This week, we made it a rule in our apartment that we must use Spanish from 6:30-lunch and from lunch-10p, and if we get caught speaking English, we have to put a quarter in the general missionary fund (its a jar)...we are all so poor, but it's working.

Mom, you should read the talk "The Atonement and the Journey of Mortality"-super good, its by  Elder Bednar, i Love it.

Love you,
Sister Raynor

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