Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Philippines Week 36

Hello family!!
This has been such a good week.  I am really learning a lot  as we try to revive the area here in Abucay.  We have been spending a lot of effort on finding new investigators.  We have been actually trying a method of finding called God’s Referrals.  The idea is that if God gave us a referral, it would be the best referral that we would ever get. SO that is what we do--  Ask our Father in Heaven for His divine help.  We pray about specific streets, places, and times.  We ask specifically.  We do this separate and then combine together to compare our promptings, we have found that usually at least one or two streets match up and so that is where we go.  We usually see quite a bit of rejection in Abucay but we have found that, with the Lord’s help, we can enter into at least three new houses every day. This is so amazing to see. The Lord loves us so much and wants to help us and guide us in this work.
We just need to give our all in order to see the results. We cannot afford to do anything halfway. Imagine if the Savior had only done half of the Atonement, where would we be?  But we are so blessed because He gave us the perfect example and the perfect way to return to him--through the gospel of Jesus Christ. This work is the work of the Lord.  I know that He is hastening His work and it is our job as His representatives to “put our shoulders to the wheel” here.  

Other things this week:
There have been floods everywhere. Of course, as Americans, we are super unfamiliar with the random weather here and managed to wear boots the one day that there was no rain. 

We got chased by an old lady who was trying to pay us so that we would pray for her because she fell on her head.  Her eyes were pointed in different direction--it was kind of scary just because it was night time.

We also proselyted this one street and after we had been rejected by the first 10 houses, Sister Savage really had to go to the bathroom and so we just knocked on the last door and asked if she could go. It was a 14 year old boy who let us into his HUGE house.  While Sister Savage was going to the bathroom, the boy went to tell his mother to come meet us while I waited in the kitchen( by the bathroom).  The next thing we hear is "Mormons(whispered), Mormons(normal voice), MORMONS (yelled). Then the mother comes in and says "Bakit?" (WHY?-normal response when we proselyte, like why are you here).  And so I just started introducing the church and then the woman said "I need to get my husband to see this!" At that point, I was like banging on the bathroom door telling Sister Savage to hurry.  She got out of the bathroom, and we left, really fast.  I was terrified.   Tagalog isn't very friendly sounding when someone is mad.

Welp, that was my week. It was a good week. Its starting to cool down and rain a little. The drought is ending.  We were actually able to wake up at 5 this morning and jog the 15 minutes to the beach. It was so beautiful.  We also got a new Mission President yesterday--I'll send a photo.

I love you all.  Cubo. Sister Raynor

Sister Savage falling asleep on ground after planning meeting.

Flash Flooding:  

President and Sister Dahle

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