Thursday, July 31, 2014

Philippines Week 38

The storm really it hard here in Abucay. Many homes were destroyed and much confusion occurred. Sister Pilkington and I were actually on our way to Balanga when we got the text that our mission president  interviews were cancelled. Right after we read the text, a tree in front of us on the road fell in front of our jeepney and we ended up spinning to the side and hydroplaning across the highway. Luckily, everyone was okay but we all knew that we were really lucky.
I’ve been studying a lot  about miracles this week. It seemed appropriate after the storm.
It seems like every time a miracle occurs, it is founded upon the faith of the person receiving the miracle. They are usually asked if they believe that through Christ they can be healed. In the Bible Dictionary, it says that prayer, felt need, and faith are necessary.
“Miracles should not be regarded as deviations from the ordinary nature, so much as manifestations of divine and spiritual power.”
I like to think that miracles are occurring around me everyday-whether big or small and it is just up to me to recognize them.
Miracles are a response to faith. SO if I am faithful and do what I should be doing I know that I will see miracles.

Miracles have always been a part of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And as we teach this gospel, I know that I have and will continue to see miracles.  Whether it be a change of heart or a priesthood blessing, MIRACLES ARE ALL AROUND US.

I love you all. 
Happy Birthday Nonie.

 Love you. Sister Raynor shine

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