Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 32 Arizona - Great Spiritual Experience

Hey Mama,

Looking back, this was one of the hardest weeks in my mission. I feel like I say that a lot, but don't worry the story has a good ending this time. This week just started horribly, but at the end of the first night I received a bit of revelation that made the difference for me. These past two weeks, Hermana Arellano and I have been lacking in unity and it had just been getting worse. On Monday, nothing happened but for some reason there was this tension by the end of the night that came from nowhere. It was just awful and I didn't know what I should do so I did what I had to do. I got on my knees and begged for help, for some guidance, for direction and then... Get ready... your mind is about to be blown (mine was) the answer came in the most unexpected and what I thought was a seemingly unrelated idea. 

Christ's hardest day was His most successful.

 I'll just let that sink in for a second. On the hardest day of His life, the hardest day of His mission, He found the greatest success. He was able to pay the price for the sins of all of mankind. It was the hardest most awful lonely event in the history of the universe, and at the same time it was the greatest win for all mankind. At first i didn't know how this message applied to my situation, but then it came.  When Christ was being arrested, he looked beyond Himself and His situation and he healed a mans ear. When he was nailed on the cross and suffering in physical agony, He looked beyond and thought of his mother's welfare.  Christ was able to look beyond Himself during the most awful day His life and he made it His most successful. 

The beginning of this week was just awful, and I could have let it get me down and let it distract me so that I worked less, but then that thought came to me. So instead of letting the adversary get me I turned it around and instead of working hard, I worked my hardest and the Lord blessed us with success. This week our teaching opportunities essentially doubled instead of 16 or 17 lessons, we had 33. I learned that when we face challenges with faith, miracles come.

This week, after that revelation came, my personal study was incredible, a little selfish, but incredible nonetheless. I just want to end with some things I learned this week. All Truth comes from God. All these trials that we go through are there to teach us truths, and they are specific to us and what we need to to learn (or the truth we need to learn) at that time. Testimonies are truths we already know. When we share our TESTimony, we share the truths that we have learned from our trials or tests. 

I guess that the take home message from this week is this: Challenges + Faith = Miracles. 

Now, I have a testimony of that.

Sister Raynor

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