Thursday, July 31, 2014

Week 34 Arizona

So Crazy week of awesomeness!!!!!!!!! 

I don't know if you remember but about a month ago I was teaching this lady over Facebook and then you wrote her a note and all that stuff... So this week she sent me this message, "Sister Raynor - well I wanted to make sure you heard it first. I've decided to be baptized. I came to a realization on Sunday that there was no way I was going through eternity without Eric by my side. I want to spend eternity with him - thus gotta get baptized first. No details are worked out yet but I will let you know when a date has been set. Love you and appreciate all your support!" I was so happy that she has finally made the decision to get baptized... it was awesome.

Then on Wednesday...something horrible happened. We have been teaching this girl Brenda for 3 months. Like she was ready to get baptized since I got here and Friday was supposed to be her baptism! But then on Wednesday, we had interviews with President Toone and there, he really stressed making sure that people are ready to be baptized. So when we went over to Brenda's that night we wanted to be sure that she was ready...and she wasn't.  
After a lot of talking, she told us her deep dark secret: that 18 months ago (when she was 16 1/2) she signed a contract to work for a company that is owned by Satan... and she has been trying but she can't get out of the contract. My heart was broken. Then on Friday during our planning meeting, she called us and said "last night I was really upset so I drank like 2 gulps of beer and I said to myself 'what am I doing this is stupid' so I prayed really hard to know what to do and then I had a thought put into my head by God...'Brenda, you were 16 when you signed that contract, you weren't an adult, they cant hold you to the contract' and then I called the company and told them that and they just said, 'well do you want to keep working for us or no?' and I said 'no' and they let me go." 
We were practically screaming, we were so happy for her. We thought she wasn't going to be able to get baptized for at least 6 more months, but now it's just 2 weeks away.

Another miracle, on Wednesday, after we talked to Brenda, we were really down but then someone just called us and said "hey are you the missionaries?, awesome, I want to get baptized" WHAT?!?! That doesn't happen! 
It turns out this guy (who we thought was a member) has been going to church for 2 years with his girlfriend, he's read the entire Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants and he is starting on the Pearl of Great Price...that was awesome.

Miracles are real!!

Much love,
Hermana Raynor

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