Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Philippines Week 37

PAMILYA KO!! Kumusta na kayo?? Namimiss ko kayong lahat.  Sana sobrang masaya at maligtas kayo sa inyong gawain.  Sobrang masaya ang work ko dito sa Abucay, Bataan, Pilipinas.  

This week has gone by so fast but I am finding that as I am here on my mission longer, they just keep going by faster and faster.  Time seems to fly when you lose yourself in this work. 
This week in my studying, I have been focusing on what I like to call the “magic”—The Book of Mormon.  There are so many people that are unable to find the truth because they “know not where to find it”. But that is where we come in as missionaries. We show and give them evidence that Jesus is the Christ who has restored His church here on earth.  We teach from the Book of Mormon and then testify of the truths of the doctrine found in it. 
I’m coming to find that most of the people here that have become less-active, stopped reading the Book of Mormon when their faith started to waver. If we but hold to the “rod” [the word of God], we will literally be guided to the source of all truth and eventually back to our Father in Heaven.
I came upon a verse in my reading in Alma 13:20 that says:
Behold, the scriptures are before you; if ye wrest them it shall be to your own destruction.
This is what I have decided to use more in my work. The Book of Mormon is the “keystone” of our religion.  As we focus more on using the words of God found in the Book of Mormon as we testify and teach the doctrine of Christ, we will be able to soften the hearts of these people by using the words of the Father. 
I know that anyone who truly reads the Book of Mormon, cannot help but to develop a testimony. The words there are truly the words of God.  The Book of Mormon should not just be used in our teaching but we need to realize that everything we teach is from the Book of Mormon and revelations that God has revealed to the prophets.

SO crazy things that happened this week:
  • I saw a drunk man stuff a lighted cigarette in a 2 year old's mouth. The little kid was crying and coughing.  It was horrible.
  • I saw a different two year old playing with a machete. We told his mom who was next to him and she just said "bahala siya" like whatever he wants.
  • We walked out to an investigator through a rice field. We were covered in poop and dirt. Then I went and washed it off next to a man showering himself.
  • Gays are very common here. They usually have long hair and are called Bakla. We were in a house with a Less Active and her bakla nephew walks in past her to the kitchen and so she looks at us and just says "Bakla!" in a disgusted voice. We were pretty much laughing that whole lesson.
  • Walked through knee high water with no boots. SO gross. There were fish and garbage and just junk. 

Welp, I love you all so much. I hope everyone is doing good.  Mahal kita!

Sister Raynor

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