Monday, August 11, 2014

Philippines Week 41

Magandang umaga!!
So this week was really production but quite sad. I really feel like I did some of my best work. We were in tune with the Spirit, the people and the language. The sad part of the week was that Sister Savage went home to Lehi, Ut. I am happy for her to be able to move on with her life and continue her progression but it still hurts a little to see a friend leave.  I can definitely say that we worked hard and we played hard. I am so grateful for all that I was able to learn from her.
As I look back on the last two months I think that this transfer has been the most spiritually strengthening transfer. Last night in my journal, I listed the things that I have learned from each companion.
·         Sister Enguito(my trainer)—how to be on a mission
·         Sister Pizon (my trainee)—the necessity of Christ-like attributes, sacrifice
·         Sister Bautista—how to love others and love the work
·         Sister Savage—How to be a missionary, importance of daily inventory with Our Heavenly Father
Our relationships were not perfect--of course we had our struggles. But as I look back and reanalyze our companionships, my love for each of those sisters grows.  I know that there was a reason that I was put with each of them. I thank those sisters for all that they have taught me. They helped mold me into a better person. In the scriptures, we read about the Refiner’s Fire. I think that sometimes, God sends us those that will help refine us and make us better. Of course sometimes the fire is hot but the end product of going through that process is so worth it.

  • It is now rambutan season! (The fruit that is red and spikey). It is awesome. They taste like grapes with a really big bitter seed in the middle. AND they are super cheap! We just bought 25 of them for 30 pisos (42=1 US dollar).
  • We had a zone conference so I got to see Elder Jarvis and Sister Udall from my MTC batch.
  • My "grandma" in the mission went home :( We lived together for my first three months.  But she will be studying at BYU so I will see her again.
  • We have transfers on Wednesday. I dont know what will happen.
  • Until transfers, I am in a trisome with Sister Panal and Sister Reguilab. Sister Savage went to the mission home yesterday to go home to AMERICA.
Well, I think that is pretty much it. I love you all. Be good.  Enjoy life!!
Love Sister Raynor

Well, I am no longer afraid of weird foods...  my current list of foods eaten includes: squid, octupus, dog, frog, snake, heart, liver, lungs, kidney, balut, and blood.

Sis Panal saying I love you

Batchmates, some nasty squid that I ate for lunch this week.

Baby of Julieann Sapinoro DeGuzman (less-active member)

Rivera Family. The two teenage girls decided to teach us the message of the Restoration. They are going on missions in 4 years.

This is too cute!  Sister Savage and Sister Panal breaking rules on Sister Savage's last day.

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