Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 36 Arizona

So this week we were supposed to have a baptism on Friday night, (spoiler: this story has a happy ending.) On Thursday night at like 9:55, we get a call from the Sister Training Leaders asking about lunch tomorrow, eventually we tell them that we can't go to lunch with them because we are helping Brenda move out of her house....
    BAPTISM OFF. It turns out there is a rule that people must be living the law of chastity for like 10 days before their baptism. They tell us to call President Toone to see what he says. He tells us that she needs to show true repentance. Heart Broken. Then, my companion tells me that she knew that this was a rule and that she just didn't say anything...
     I don't think I've ever been so angry in my life. She was going to rush it so she could see Brenda get baptized and now that it wasn't going to happen, I was going to have to tell Brenda and cancel the baptism while my companion gets to go to the temple?!?!? Biggest fight ever. 
     Next day, I was feeling better because I knew that in two weeks Brenda would be super ready, and I didn't want her to get baptized before she was ready.  Then during planning (on the way home from the temple) my companion calls and says that President Toone changed his mind. We get a text message from the Zone Leaders saying "OH YEAH! Brenda's baptism is back on!" that came from our phone.... 
    BAPTISM ON? Again, I got upset because from what she had told me, she essentially lied to the President. We get home, she's still traveling back from the temple, I call President Toone, because (I'm selfish) and I want a clear conscience. He tells me that he doesn't want to rush this and that he's saying no. (For the record, I wanted Brenda to get baptized the whole time, I just felt like we owed it to her to make sure it was right).
    BAPTISM OFF. My companion gets home and calls President Toone, after lots of tears...baptism off. Then, an hour later we get another call from President Toone. He tells us that he talked to our Bishop and explained all of it and that Bishop says move forward with it. We totally sustain the Bishop.
   BAPTISM ON!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yea!! Happy Ending!

Also the next day, we got to go back to my first area for a baptism there and I saw my very first trainer (the one that went home after 2 days.) That was suuuuper weird. Out of time. 
Love you

The Church is True, the Book is Blue, and Moroni stands on a Ball

Sister Raynor

We read about the Anti Nephi Lehis burying their weapons of war with one of our investigators...she decided it was time to pour out the booze...4 6-packs of it!

Brenda with her vodka and Katy with her jarritos.

Every transfer, on Sunday while we wait for calls, we make a transfer board...I really out did myself this time!  :-)

Brenda's baptism!!! Me, Hermana Arellano, Brenda, and Bishop Rogers.

Hermana Thomas, Me, Hermana Arellano, Brenda, Obispo!

All the missionaries that are serving in the Rio Salado ward...Me, Hermana Arellano, Hermana Thomas, Hermana Johnson, Elder Lopez, and Elder Guzman.

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