Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 37 Arizona

So to this week I got my new companion!! Her name is Sister Blake Smiun (its like brewin except smewin or smurfin without the "rf") She is the best missionary ever! My favorite compaion.?. YES!! we have so much fun, and we are doing work. I'm pretty sure President Toone made a mistake putting us together because she needs to be a sister training leader.  It's just so nice, I feel like I can be myself around her.  We are more than coworkers, more than companions, we are friends, and that is awesome. 

So they also had us move apartments this transfer which was kind of lame, but we moved in with our Sister Training Leaders (super fun,) so it was kind of lame having to pack again but definitly worth it. I was a little sad to leave my desk behind (I made it look super cool) but sometimes you just need to sacrifice a little. :-)))

Sorry its gonna be a short one, but i have pictures!!

The Church is True, The Book is Blue and Moroni Stands on a Ball

Sister Raynor

The first two, Our investigator Brenda took these of me...I wasn't looking!

The next Two were from the baptism I got to go back to from my first area, this picture has all the missionaries that ever taught that family (including my trainer[who went home])

My desk...very sad to leave it behind...its really cool and now stinky elders are sitting at it :(

Me and Sister Smuin at our miracle baptism-we never taught this guy anything...he just read the book

Our last zone picture

Another funny thing we did in our old apartment... a transfer ago, we found this really funny picture in the I cut it out and glued it to the toilet seat in the other sisters bathroom...super funny...we left it there for the elders...

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