Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 35 Arizona

So we had an interesting weekend over here... We had this family get baptized!!! I think I told you about her in week 32, but they got baptized on Saturday...and it was interesting.

So we asked Hermano Gomez to baptize them, he is just awesome, he loaned them money for rent (after meeting them twice) and all sorts of other things. Super awesome guy, he's probably baptized dozens of people, right? Wrong! We found out after the baptism, that he has never baptized anyone before...never.

So to the actual baptism. There was Maria 37, Kevin 13, and Agustin 8. It was a bit touch and go on Friday, because we were worried that Agustin might not get baptized. He wanted to, but when he was 5 he almost drowned and so since then he can't go under the water without freaking out, but he said he was gonna do it. Then on Saturday at the baptism...Hermano Gomez's technique...there is definitely room for improvement. So Maria went first, and he had to say the prayer twice...not the worst thing ever. Then Kevin was next, and a little bit of the top of his head was still dry, like a silver dollar sized chunk. And then it was Agustin. this was the worst. He was so afraid, Kevin walked him down into the font, and Hermano Gomez said the prayer perfectly and when he put him under, his foot shot up. When he came up out of the water he was crying so loud and he just ran to his mom and cried for like 20 minutes. I didn't think he was going to be getting baptized, but then Maria convinced him to go down into the font with her, but he still wouldn't let them put him under the water, they tried again , but he wouldn't bend his back, so...(now its funny) they just had him squat down and after the prayer...Maria and Hermano Gomez sort of just pushed/dunked him... it was pretty good stuff.

Today during personal study...I received some serious revelation. I'll send it in another email because I wrote it in my ipad and I don't have wifi right now...but its good, trust me its good.

The Church is True, The Book is Blue, and Moroni stands on a Ball

Sister Raynor

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